Six Ice-Related Incidents in Grand Haven Over Weekend

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
grand haven pier

Grand Haven Pier

GRAND HAVEN, Mich. – The Grand Haven Department of Public Safety sent out this news release Monday after several incidents on the ice.

Officers from the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety responded to several ice related incidents over the weekend.

*Saturday, 2-15-2014, Early Morning
A man fell through the ice between the piers while setting up a camera tripod. He self-rescued and was assisted by others in the area. (Reported to the department by a witness via e-mail)

*Saturday, 2-15-2014, 2:47PM
Officers responded to the North Pier to assist a man who had fallen through the ice.

*Saturday, 2-15-2014, 4:41PM
Officers were dispatched to a parking lot near the North Pier on the report of a wet, cold, disoriented man. Further investigation revealed that the man had fallen through the ice while walking between the piers.

*Sunday, 2-16-2014, 3:16PM
A 45 year old Rockford woman fell from the North Pier, breaking her ankle. She was transported to North Ottawa Community Hospital by NOCH Paramedics.

*Sunday, 2-16-2014, 3:29PM
A 15 year old Grand Rapids Teen fell off the North Pier on the channel side and became stuck in the snow. He was lifted back onto the pier by Public Safety Officers. Officers were assisted by several citizens.

*Sunday, 2-16-2014, 3:45PM
An 8 year old girl fell from the North Pier on the channel side. She was lifted back onto the pier by Public Safety Officers.
The ice is not safe. Those that walk on the ice are putting themselves and rescuers at risk.

aerial grand haven2

Grand Haven State Park

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  • Terri Dykstra

    At and south of the south pier is frozen. The folks that fell in walked between piers, to the north pier … as in walked across the channel where the Grand River flows into the lake. Rivers don't freeze like lakes do, they are still moving underneath the ice. I would hope people from this area would know that by now. Perhaps these were visitors.

  • CommonSense

    Are you all just idiots with no common sense. Hope that the Public Works Department are sending out balance due bills for each stupid that falls through the ice….

  • Deb

    There were numerous people in South Haven out walking on the piers, between the piers, and way out on the lake. I know its tempting but please people, use some common sense, this is totally unsafe. And for parents to take children out there, that just plain parental neglect. We could clearly see areas of open water in the channel as we drove out to the beach, that right there should have been a major clue to stay on shore where it was safe.

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