Video Catches Kalamazoo School Bus Bouncing Off Snowbank, Parents Upset

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KALAMAZOO, Mich. (Feb. 26, 2014) — Some parents in the Kalamazoo Public School District are upset after seeing video of a bus bouncing off a snow mound in a residential neighborhood with kids on board.

“When I saw the video, I thought, ‘Oh my gosh were my little ones on there?'”said Anna Liisa, a concerned parent.

The video began spreading like wildfire on Facebook causing parents in the Kalamazoo Public School District to sound off.

It clearly shows a KPS bus driving down a residential street, and then rounding a corner, then bouncing off a snowbank, throwing snow into the driveway of  a nearby resident.

The bus seems to slide a little before it hits the drift with the kids bouncing around inside.

It was all caught randomly on a homeowner’s security camera.

Anna Liisa says her children told her they were on the bus the day it hit the snow.
She feels it’s a symbol of a larger problem.
“I can tell you that they are not driving slow and steady,” said Anna Liisa.  “Some of them you know, fly around here, and they just act like they don’t care.”
She and at least two other parents we talked to said that they have complained about the speed off buses in the Northgate neighborhood before, but it’s fallen on deaf ears in the school district.
“Calling with a concern doesn’t do anything. It actually makes it much, much worse,” said Anna-Liisa.
On Facebook parents posted on threads wishing this video would go viral so something would be done to prevent this in the future.

We contacted KPS Wednesday.

Executive Director of Communications Alex Lee issued a statement saying, “We have identified the bus involved in the video and reviewed the GPS information at the time of the incident. The driver was not exceeding the speed limit…”

Alex Lee went on to say, “The transportation director will review winter driving cautions and procedures with the driver involved.”

As for the GPS information that the school said proved that the driver wasn’t speeding, Anna Liisa doesn’t believe that tells the whole story.

“Too fast for the conditions is what the case is. We all know when there is ice out we have to slow down,” she said.

We asked Lee for an on-camera interview.

However, he declined, saying it was his opinion that the situation didn’t warrant it.

Anna Liisa gave us her opinion on Lee’s.

“I think they need to get aware of what is going on,” She said. “Because, it’s not just one person. It’s not just one driver. I’ve been here for 6 years witnessing what’s happening at the bus stop.”

She also said she wished that the school district would work with the Northgate neighborhood to change the location of the bus stop so it was safer for children to walk home.

Anna Liisa said there were no sidewalks in the development and kids walking home in the street is a concern as well.

Two other parents that we talked to that live in the neighborhood also said they had previously complained to the school about bus drivers that were going too fast through that residential area.

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  • tracyd112

    All I can say to any Parents that look for things like this to complain about HOW ABOUT YOU DRIVING YOUR OWN CHILDREN TO SCHOOL? This is one of the worst winters ever and we have terribly high snow banks and on any given day SNOW DRIFTS that at times you can do nothing but hit them. SIMPLE SOLUTION IF IT UPSETS YOU DRIVE THEM YOURSELF.

  • Tracy

    I just wanted to add that how do we even know if this picture is real or not?If you look closely at the bus it looks bent like a slinky the back of the bus is almost touching the ground!

  • Mark

    I have to say it. She was there for six years, and her house looks like she just moved in. Cripes, get off your but and clean that place up!

  • guest

    the school systems are so worried about adding days at the end of the year they are putting children at risk! There have been days when I felt they should have called off schools because of really bad road conditions and they didn't……I would rather have my children safe than have to worry about if the teachers have to add days…..lets be realistic!

  • Staci

    I have a couple suggestions for Anna Liisa. One, if you are concerned that there are no sidewalks in your subdivision maybe you should’ve considered that when you moved in six years ago. Secondly maybe it’s time to figure out something productive to do in life since clearly there is too much time spent worrying about a bus that hits a snow bank. After watching the video it doesn’t appear that the impact was that much. This is the worst winter that we have seen in a long time, it’s not right to get after bus drivers who have to drive in this weather daily. Another solution is you can get out there and make sure the snow banks at the end of your driveway are shoveled and if you don’t want to consider any of these suggestions then get out of bed and drive your kids to school yourself.

  • Grandma D

    Bus drivers are the most caring and safe drivers there are and NONE would put children at risk. I know that buses appear to be going faster than they are because of their size. If a bus hits a snow bank that has encroached onto the roadway and bounces because it hit this bump is no big deal and should not be news. The sidewalk issue is a safety issue that parents have to deal with in this neighborhood and others like them. Sounds like this mother has probably called the transportation department too many times to have their bus stop changed closer to their house and now wants to make a big issue out of this video to get her way.

  • guest

    I would like to add, I know what its like to drive a school bus. These snow banks are so difficult to deal with, and the county snow plows have done a terrible job with subdivisions. I would like for this mother to try and maneuver a 40 foot bus through her subdivision and not hit any snow banks!!! Come on all you concerned parents, please get at little perspective here!

  • guest

    REALLY!!! Michigan Winter 2nd most snow accum in history and outrage over a bump of a snow mound. Did you really think buses don't slide either. it"s a good thing there was a snow bank to bounce off. If you are really outraged over this than drive your kids to school. It's SNOW.

  • westernbronco

    This is a joke of a news service. You really feel the need to report on a bus hitting a snow bank because of concerned parents? This is what America has come too…

  • KZOcitizen

    This lady is nothing close to a credible witness on school bus operations. Seems likely she wants a special bus stop set up just for her, so she can watch her kids without leaving her house. School bus drivers are gifts to our community for the challenges they are willing to face each and every day. They do not deserve to be harassed and accused by such people – or the irresponsible reporters trying to whip up a cheap media frenzy.

  • t

    Is it possible that the bus slipped due to the tracks/drifts snow plows make in the winter. Also I feel like the video makes the bus look like its going faster than it actually is.

    Is she going to send in a video to the news when a plow takes out her mailbox. No offense lady but evaluate the roads and what its like behind the two wheels of a bus (4 more in the rear)those
    and then have a news interview. There have been far worse bus accidents and not at a bus drivers fault that havent made the news.

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