Officers Search Home; Arrest One In Medical Marijuana Growing Operation

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (March 5 2014) — One person is arrested with the possibility of more arrests to come after law enforcement surround a home that was said to be illegally growing drugs.

The Kent Area Narcotics Enforcement Team got a tip that the home, located in the 3000 block of Dean Lake Road, had a medical marijuana growing operation inside.

They arrested one person and were told another person with outstanding warrants was still inside.

The Michigan State Police Bomb Squad was called out and searched the home with their robot. Officers had to shut down part of the Dean Lake Road between 3 and 4 Mile while they did their search.

“When we got inside, we determined it was medical marijuana grow operation.” explained Lt. Al Roetman with the Kent County SHeriff’s Department.

“The person we had in custody claims to have their cards and are a caregiver so we will investigate to see where that goes from here.”

Officers said there was never any threat to neighbors.

The investigation continues. Law enforcement said medical marijuana is a huge issue for them; one that definitely keeps them busy.

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  • dann

    federal law trumps state law every time and since its not legal under federal law pot is still a illegal drug no matter if you have a card or not

      • dann

        I just read the law and no where did it state it was a federal law….. so again federal law trumps state law and until the federal government writes a law stating its legal many people are still going to be guilty till proven innocent.

        I'm not a pot head never have been never care to be. but some people do need it I known that, but there is a lot of abuse by people who get cards just so they can continue to be a pot head….. case in point…… a friend of mine has an employee who is a pot head and fighting to get custody of his daughter and he flat out said he aint gonna give up smoking pot so his lawyer found a loop hole for him to become a card holder. so like I said there are plenty who abuse the system

        • Trevor

          … Federal law does not surpass local when the issue is left to individual localities to decide. This is an old issue, with Ann Arbor being a longtime precedent. If the police were suspicious, they could have sent a single officer over to check it out and make sure the operation was within code, and instead they blew a bunch of tax dollars on a paramilitary operation because they don't seem realize that along with this law and decriminalize, they ethically should not enforce the war on drugs like every caregiver is an enemy combatant.

        • Barb

          so all those who abuse pills and alcohol make it so no one should be able too… people abuse everything… who are you to judge who is abusing it and who isn't…. and I will say and this is a fact.. cannabis saved my life… no one should go to jail for a plant…

    • Memory Bot

      This is, unless Obama says otherwise
      The only federal laws obama enforces are those he picks and chooses to enforce

  • Common Sense

    "The Michigan State Police Bomb Squad was called out and searched the home with their robot. Officers had to shut down part of the Dean Lake Road between 3 and 4 Mile while they did their search. "

    ^^^^ I wonder how much of our taxpayer dollars went into stopping this
    For this…..
    "we determined it was medical marijuana grow operation.” ~ Lt. Al Roetman
    "Officers said there was never any threat to neighbors."

    • Common Sense

      Please keep in mind…"The state maintains a confidential list of qualified patients and primary caregivers to whom the
      department has issued registry ID cards. Individual names and other identifying information on the list must be confidential and is not subject to disclosure, except to:
      (a) authorized employees of the department as necessary to perform official duties of the department; or
      (b) authorized employees of state or local law enforcement agencies, only as necessary to verify that a person
      is a lawful possessor of a registry ID card."
      ^^directly as written from

      If this was a legal grow, why would enforcement agencies fail to call this in to assure weather or not it is a legal grow operation prior to spending thousands of tax payer dollars to kick down a door on a legal operation?

      They say it is "innocent until proven guilty" but when it comes to soft crimes (not rape or murder) such as drugs it is "guilty until proven innocent"….this is what our country was founded on.

  • melewis1961

    They get a tip that there is a house where they are growing medical marijuana, and they send the bomb squad? Does anyone else, besides me think this is overkill and a waste of taxpayers money?

    • RIDEME

      A great majority of us think that.

      So the next question, why do WE vote for people that allow for this to continue? Think about that.

  • KENR


  • Socks

    Yes, in hindsight there was never any threat, but that did not stop them from exercising EXTREEM caution on their part . Yet this same caution was not extended to the surrounding neighborhood. They were encouraged to "use their discretion" when sending their children to the bus stop. Police used their discretion and called in swat and the bomb squad. Seems odd to me

  • Mike

    That’s bs can’t they fight drugs
    Marajauna is not a drug and should not waste money on that.
    Soon it will be legal or everyone will go to Colorado to purchase which will make them millions when we could keep that money here and legalize it!! It’s better than alcohol by far!! Waste of time gr! Is that all u can scoop up is weed

  • bob

    the person that reported a medical marijuana house is in violation of MCL 333.26426(H).
    the police that reported the address of the house to news reporters is in violation of MCL 333.26426(H).

  • Memory Bot

    Just wait…soon they will be rolling up in surplus armored MRAPS.
    So, hows that "hope and change" thingy workin out for ya ?

    Elections have consequences…

    • Chris

      WTF does this have to do with Obama? The fact of the matter is, the Obama administration is not, as a policy, pursuing enforcement of federal drug law in states or localities that have medical or recreational laws in place. If this were an act of the federal government, it would have been federal agents, not the local PD.

      The fact is, this was an enforcement action carried out by the Kent County Sheriff's department (the current Sheriff is a Republican, FYI) in spite of state law and the will of Michigan voters. So yes, indeed, elections do have consequences, but not usually the ones we the voters want and demand.

      Put your partisanship and use a little common sense.

    • Stu

      I wish this friggin snow would go away! Dammit, Obama!

      Pretty good, considering medical marijuana was completely illegal when the last fart knocker was in office. Go try on another opinion…The FOX news brand makes you look silly.

  • TheFoundingFathers

    To bad the stupid pigs missed the METH LAB 2 doors down with the dead hookers in the basement! Keep wasting our tax dollars and watch you police budget Disappear!!!!!!!

  • a friend

    2weeks ago i was getting off 96 on to plainfield my wife says to me me look at that funnie airplane it was a drone flying over were they made this so call bust they used the drone's heat seeking camera to fine it not a tip investagate it ull see

  • mikelikespike

    Sorry that was my remote airplane..I got it for Christmas and just got it running…I'm not a very good pilot yet…lol

  • mikelikespike

    Good thing they didn't find my illegal brewing operation down in my basement..just a little bit down the street….lol

    • Scott Watkins

      Unless you're selling it is 100% legal to distill alcohol for personal consumption. That includes moonshine ( not 50 gallon pots! )

  • RedInk

    The GRPD spent exactly how much of the TAX PAYER money busting what appears from this article to be a state legal medical grow in a 'decriminalized' city?

    I'm not understanding how this even happens to begin with. On one hand we see what appears to be the abject lazyness required to not even perform due diligance and verify first if the place is legal, thus saving the taxpayers money; and then on the other hand it looks like the GRPD went full on cowboy and saddled up with the heavy vehicles (costing how much?) a myriad of personell (costing how much in OT?) the bomb squad (costing how much?) and the robot (costing how much?).

    What happens if this is, at it indeed appears thus far to be, a legal medical grow operation? How much TAX PAYER money will the GRPD be paying in damages relating to: 1) the home 2) the grow equipment 3) lost medicine 4) lawyer fees and 5) settlement monies when the ostensiably legal grower sues the department?

  • GRPD Losers

    This LEGAL Medical Marijuana Growers, Needs to call up his Attorney and File ONE HUGE Fing Lawsuit Against the Michigan State Pigs, GRPD, and who ever was in Charge of this B/S Raid !!, So is this the New Norm in Grand Rapids, were going to start kicking in Doors on Tips, How about an Officer Drives out to the Home In Question and tries talking to someone, Better Yet What A_HOLE Judge Signed the Warrant to Kick the Door down b/c of a tip, Well what are great tip, GRPD and the State Police will be paying out the noise on this one when the Lawsuits are settled!!!!!


    "Officers said there was never any threat to neighbors."

    Then what the HECK are we (they) doing this for?

    Jesus, are we this f'd up? Come on people. Enough of these games. That was their little field trip for the day. They're protecting us with missles and machine guns, but yet we really don't want to be protected from this. Enough already.


    WTF, Fix the roads in Kent County, Maybe sovle some Real Crimes Like Rap, Or how about the other Dozen Meth Labs they drove by on the way to this guys house, How about all the OT,Diesel Fuel, Gas/ Time, What about the People that had to find another way home, b/c this raod was closed B/c the Bomb Fouls needed to play with there Robot, B/c their Wifes were at home playing with the Neighbors Robot. Remember when Judges use to do their jobs, now they Just Rubber Stamp Search warrants for anything But Real Crimes, Here in Kent County, Hell Don't worry about the Meth that just killed little Bobby down the street, Never mind the Pusher on the Corner selling the METH to bobby and his friends We Need to Get out the FIng Tanks and Robots and Armour-ed cars to drive to a house that has a Plant growing in it, Maybe they thought that Marijuana Plants Blow up when water make contact with them, or maybe the house was wired with Bear Traps or had a Killer CAT or Maybe they Wanted to kill someones pet DOG today !!

  • James

    I have a few questions regarding this military style raid.

    a) How many officer's were taken away from serious investigations to execute this search warrant ?

    b) Was this a asset forfeiture motivated raid ?

    c) What was the cost execute the search warrant ?

    If you disagree with these wasteful raids, contact the Kent County prosecutors office & let them know but also remember to be respectful.

    82 Ionia Avenue NW, Suite 450
    Grand Rapids, MI 49503

    William A. Forsyth
    Prosecuting Attorney

    Chris R. Becker
    Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorney

    Timothy K. McMorrow
    Senior Attorney, Appeals Division

    Phone:(616) 632-6710

    Monday – Friday
    8:00am – 5:00pm

    • Tommy Allen

      James, if people live in Grand Rapids they have one more day to fill our a survey of what the next GRPD chief should do or have for his vision.

      This issue of the increased militarization of the GRPD tactics must be addressed.

      I wrote an editorial about this very matter for Rapid Growth this last week. Sad to see this behavior happening.

      Thanks for posting a concise outline of where people should focus their frustration. It is helpful and makes an impact when we speak up on these matters.

  • Kevin

    I know the person raided. It’s not because of the growing. It’s because they were activists. It’s not the first one KNET raided. Today was actually a court date for another activist raided by KNET. It’s all because they said that the prosocuter need impeachment for not allowing the will of the people when he tried to stop the decriminalize of Grand Rapids.

  • Scott Watkins

    So it's violate rights, occupy a home and close off a neighborhood until they can prove they are innocent and legal? Sounds very Nazi ish, doesn't it?

  • Dan Richeson

    Everybody needs to change their mindset. 1.) It is my right to possess, cultivate and use cannabis. 2.) If anyone interferes with those rights I am justified to take whatever measure necessary to stop them. 3.) If I witness anyone promoting or enforcing prohibition I am justified in considering those persons to be void of all rights and I will reserve option to act according to my conscience at my convenience.

    Keep in mind that there are those who choose to adhere to beliefs in light of reason because it enables for them to act out their destructive urges on "others". Seventy years of prohibitionists propaganda has empowered sociopaths and has left in it's wake destruction of the lives of millions of good people. This should NOT go un answered.

    Time to step it up a notch. We in the canna community have bore the brunt of brutal actions by the ignorant bigoted sociopathic prohibitionist community long enough. I believe the time has come for us to become militant in securing our rights. Prohibitionists must come to realize that they now have their own flesh on the table, this as impetus for them to rethink their positions and come to respect our rights. If they should choose to remain ignorant and bigoted and to impose their punitive measures against us they must come to understand there will be an awful price to pay for their thoughtlessness, their bigotry and their evil spirit.

  • Mike Parent

    We’d all be better off if the police focused on crimes that have actual victims!

    Does anyone honestly believe that wasting $20 Billion and arresting 3/4 Million Americans annually for choosing a substance Scientifically proven to be safer than what the govt allows, is a sound policy?

  • Concerned Caregiver

    Dumb ass police. You guys still think you can storm troop and take people's property because you have been doing it for years. I hope you killed the plants so the caregiver can now charge you $50 a gram for this travesty. This is the price that LEO has super inflated for their failed War On Drugs. In fact it has turned out to be a war on American Citizens. McDonalds is hiring go get a REAL job like the rest of us poor saps you prey upon every day. Rot in hell LEO.

  • amy

    Such a shame, the local police has had 5 + years to learn the Voted in Law and how to enforce it. Yet this officer still got a warrant knowing this was a patient/caregiver grow.I think polo needs to go back and read the act again ! That person is protected under that act, from people like him going after them!! As any judge will say " The law is the law, can't have it both ways" I am sorry for the victim of this officers persecution. And I hope you get a DAMM good Lawyer !