Apple Unveils New, Smaller iPhone 5C And Revives Old iPad

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

iPhones on displayNEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Apple has unveiled a cheaper, smaller version of the iPhone 5C smartphone and brought the fourth-generation iPad back from the dead.

Sales of the colorful, plastic iPhone 5C have been below the company’s expectations, and CEO Tim Cook acknowledged in January that Apple (AAPL, Fortune 500) misjudged demand for it. As a result, Apple unveiled an 8 GB version of the iPhone 5C on Tuesday in an attempt to boost consumer interest.

As of Tuesday morning, the 8 GB edition was only available in European Apple Stores, but Apple is expected to introduce the smaller iPhone 5C in its United States stores later Tuesday.

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  • TheFoundingFathers

    Give it a rest, only dumbasses are willing to pay 2-3 times as much for an Apple product that is like 5 years behind the competition.

  • Guest

    5 years behind? That's funny. 5-6 years ago the iPhone was the most groundbreaking phone on the market, and pretty much was the phone that drove competition to put smart phones in everyones pockets – and all of the Korean manufacturers were selling garbage Windows Mobile 7 phones. Ask my HTC Mogul about it.

    The 5C can be had for $99 on contract, and the 4S is free. Not exactly a "premium" price, even for the 5S – which is essentially a 5 in plastic clothing to make it cheaper. I migrated away from Android after I kept buying phones and not getting OS updates. That architecture is so disjointed it's not even funny in regards to the fact that OS updates (which translates in to security patches) relies on release via a manufacturer-to-manufacturer basis. It's a joke.

    • TheFoundingFathers

      Well explain why your brand new I phone has the same old camera thats now over 3 years old, and costs how much??? And why is over 80% of your "new" I phone made by Samsung? And it costs how much? Explain why your "New" I phone still has a non-HD 1080p display that is so tiny your eyes will bleed trying to watch a 1 min YouTube video, explain why your shitty little I phone still has No IR blaster, explain why it has a fingerprint reader that degrades after about a year and a half making the phone unusable, so you retarded " apple fan boy" why your new I phone 5 is better than an old ass galaxy S3?

      • Guest

        The camera – Several points to make here. Megapixel ratings aren't everything. If that was true, the garbage Nokia Windows phones would blow everyone out of the water with their "41 megapixel" ratings. There's a lot more that goes in to a phone camera than megapixels. One such thing is color accuracy. I had a GS3 and a GS4 and the highlights were so blown out on both of those phones it wasn't even funny. Even in that new GS4 commercial that bashes the iPhone 5S camera, you can see that the highlights in the GS4 images (which are admittedly "simulated" according to the fine print on the commercial) are VERY blown out. They look awful. Granted the images as directly dumped from the iPhone camera are a bit flat, but you can pull in lows and highs with image editing software – you can't fix blowouts.

        The resolution – The resolution is such that given the screen size you can't make out individual pixels with the naked eye. How does making it at all more defined than that make any sense? They could triple the resolution on the panel and print some numbers and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference from one resolution to the other given the screen size. Some of us like to be able to fit a phone in our pocket, and use it with one hand. Phone screen size is subjective to the user – it's not a point of argument – so that point is valid. It's personal preference. I would rather have a phone of solid construction that didn't creek and crack when I use it as the cheap plastic panels flexed than a phone that looks like I'm holding a tablet to my face when I'm using it.

        Who uses IR anymore? I have a Logitech Harmony remote that controls everything I'd want it to and more. A lot of the devices I use a lot – PlayStation 4, my new TV, my new receiver, etc. all use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for remote control anyway. That probably is the differentiator that breaks it up. New equipment doesn't use IR anymore. What do you use IR to control? Your Wal-Mart Visio TV and your VCR? What's the point?

        "Explain why it has a fingerprint reader that degrades after about a year and a half making the phone unusable." First, you don't need to use the fingerprint reader to unlock the phone. You can use a PIN on the lock screen like any other phone ever. I use the PIN on my phone, even though it has the reader, because it's faster. Degrade after a year and a half? The iPhone 5S has only been out for 5-6 months, so what proof do you have that it "degrades?" Do you have a technical explanation? If so, I'd like to see that. I'm betting you don't.

        The iPhone 5C is $549 off contract for the 16GB model – not $800 as you state. The 16GB GS4 is $599. The 16GB iPhone 5S is $649. There's only $100 sway there, no matter which model you choose – which is less than a cell phone bill typically is for a month's usage. On contract there's the same $100 sway, so the iPhone – in any flavor – isn't necessarily a "luxury" cost item over any other phone. That's a perceived falsity by Apple haters, and when it's pointed out, makes it pretty obvious that they're hating blindly and haven't done any research.

        Even the 5S is a SLIGHT premium over the GS4 – that's true. But what does it get you? A phone that's made of aluminum and glass, not thin plastic. One that doesn't flex when you hold it. One that seems substantial even after years of use, and actually holds a decent value. What you're getting is a Lexus LS, compared to a Hyundai Equus. You spend about the same on both of them when they're new, and the Koreans do a good job of inflating the worth of the Hyundai on paper – but when it comes time to get rid of them, one is still valuable, and one isn't. When you own them, one is nothing but a disjointed ecosystem of manufacturer-specific updates, and the other receives regular diligence from its manufacturer.

        Go ahead. Buy a Hyundai. Justify it however you want. If you're going to call me a retard though, at least learn to punctuate and capitalize properly.

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