Four Kent Co. Corrections Officers Face Drug Charges

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Screen shot 2014-03-21 at 4.39.29 PMKENT COUNTY, Mich. (March 21, 2014) — Four corrections officers with the Kent County Sheriff’s Department are facing drug charges following a suspicious package discovery by the United States Postal Service in Grand Rapids.

The Kent Area Narcotics Enforcement Team (KANET) was called by the USPS March 17 to inspect a suspicious package, according to a release.

Their investigation led them to the corrections officers who, according to a press release, were making or in possession of a large quantity of marijuana butter.

The corrections officers have been identified as Sgt. Tim Bernhardt, Corrections Officer Mike Frederick, Corrections Officer Todd VanDoorne and Corrections Officer Brian Tennant.

All four were arraigned Friday on drug-related charges.

Bernhardt was charged with delivery or manufacturing marijuana and conspiracy to deliver or manufacture a controlled substance.  Frederick was charged with delivering or manufacturing marijuana and possession of a controlled substance. VanDoorne faces charges of possession of a controlled substance and maintaining a drug house. Tennant faces charges of delivering and manufacturing marijuana nd possession of a controlled substance.

They have all been with the department for 20 years or more.

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  • Stephanie


    Unbelievable!!! No morals,respect,integrity or dignity!!!!

    Good Catch!!!

    • Jeremy

      It's Cannabis dude, I use it daily for pain. Are you telling me I have no morals, respect, integrity or dignity because I found the best pain killer on the planet and it is harmless. Oh yeah, and it kills cancer cells, and helps regulate Multiple Sclerosis. Look it up. The science is there.

      I'd like the state to spend boat loads of money convicting these people for having something that is harmless. SAVE US FROM THE BUTTER!

  • melewis1961

    The marijuana laws need to be overturned. There are so many other advantages to hemp. Using hemp could save forests and our natural habitats.

  • KentCounty Pigs

    F theses Pigs, They need Federal Charges for shipping it in the mail, Kent County just a few weeks ago used the Boom Squad to check out a MMJ grow, I sure hope they brought out the Big guns for one of their own, Hurry call Bill Bill Schuette he needs to save the children from the monsters like theses 4 pigs that were selling the Devil Butter Where is Bill Schuette on this one, Police Officers think they are above the Law.

  • James Gordan

    This should be an example of why marijuana needs to be legalized. IT CURES CANCER, ANOREXIA AND GIVES RELIEF TO NUMEROUS TYPES OF PAIN. This list keeps going on but goes unnoticed. The constitution was written on it's illegal cousin. Should we just burn it (no pun intended) and start a new one? Get real America! Also it is naturally found on every continent of the world besides Antarctica. I think people should look at why it's been shunned i.e. pharmaceutical companies making synthetic copies that aren't as effective.

    • KentCounty Pigs

      Oh No they don't wait when its a Real Caregiver or patients, just b/c they are Cops/Pigs you want to protect them, Hell now they need to be a Roll Model for the Children, Now what kind of message are we sending to the Children, that you can be a Cop when you grow up and When your a Cop your above they law and can do what ever you want b/c your a cop.!!! I hope the media Blow this right up KENT COUNTY's AZZ !!!

  • Cargiver

    This is the same county that put the Shaft to Dave Overholt and the Mid Michigan Compassion Club and all the sick members. The Kent County Sheriffs Dept and GRPD ran around and closed all the clubs down b/c it was too much Competition for the Pigs, So now they are shipping LBS in the mail to other states that don't even have Medical Marijuana in there states, I hope there is no plea deal for theses Dirty Pigs. Were is the Police Chief giving us a Press Confrence to the Public to tell us all how safe we will sleep tonight, Now that theses Criminals are off the Streets

    • Molly Drug

      So true you should tell this to the same Cops that ruin People Lifes every day over Marijuana, So I'm glad to see that you want to rush to protect the same Pigs that Ruin People's life's everyday, They need taste of what its like to have Their Life RUINED !!! SO stop trying to have a double standard when it comes to cops breaking the Laws, MOLLY nice name its that after the Drug MOLLY !!

  • jack

    They were drug traffickers not medical users, way over weight, and no medical prescription. Why is the shipping of it not a felony? Please run this story. People need to know.