Suspect In Custody After Purse Snatching Victim Is Dragged

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

03-21-2014 Norton Shores purse snatching screen shotNORTON SHORES, Mich. (March 21, 2014) — Police are questioning a suspect after a woman suffered severe head injuries when she was dragged by a car a short distance in a Meijer parking lot by a man stealing her purse.

The Norton Shores Police Department is seeking public help in catching the thief and released a surveillance video of the incident.

The woman was loading up her vehicle when someone drove up in a silver Pontiac G6, reached out from the car, and grabbed her purse. She can be seen in the video being dragged as she tried to stop the thief. She let gowhen she was dragged into another parked vehicle, said police.

People nearby cared for and comforted the woman until emergency personnel arrived. She was taken to the Hackley Campus of Mercy Health.

The thief was only described as a black male.

Shortly after 10 p.m. Friday, Norton Shores police announced that they had identified a suspect and a vehicle in the case.

Police said that at 6 p.m. Friday, after numerous hours of investigation, detectives identified the suspect and vehicle involved in not only the Meijer robbery but also an unarmed robbery at 12:25 a.m. Friday at the Shell station at 1470 Apple in Muskegon.

Police said that at 8:30 p.m. Friday, investigators from the Norton Shores and Muskegon police departments plus the West Michigan Enforcement team executed a search warrant at a residence in the 500 block of Adams Street in Muskegon. During the search, they located the suspected driver — a 45-year-old Muskegon man who was taken into custody.

Police also said that a Good Samaritan located and returned the victim’s purse.

If you have any information, call the Norton Shores Police Department at (231) 733-2691 or contact Silent Observer anonymously at 231-73-CRIME.

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  • No PC 4 Me

    And yet the anti-gun lobby shamelessly continues to attack our civil right(s) of self defense.
    If successful the anti-gun lobby's attack on Stand your ground laws would require you ( by law) to run away.
    The anti-gun lobby wants the criminal to have the legal advantage, and "you" the victim to be the accountable party.

    • Anon

      Your comment is a bit misplaced. If she had a gun, it probably would have been in her snatched purse. Brilliant: another gun in the hands of a criminal.

      • Jeremy glock

        You don't know that. Like me, she might have had a concealed carry permit and had it tucked in her belt. And you know what? Nothing smells better than the blood running from the head of a thief that's just been shot.

        • Not cool, Jeremy

          Jeremy glock… you are one that should NOT have a concealed carry permit if you think it is a pleasant thing to shoot someone…. even a thief. (coming from another concealed carry permit holder)

  • Angel

    Does Fox17 really allow such racist comments to be posted on their site? It is so sad how much hate is in this world. When you are this hateful you are no better than the man who has victimized this woman.
    My prayers are with her and her family. And I hope they find the man who has done this.

    • Angels conscience

      Maybe if people like you would quit being so concerned about the criminal, maybe the criminals would be a little more afraid to commit crimes like this. Maybe if he knew he might get his head blown off he might think twice about committing a crime like this. Angel, quit being such a bleeding heart liberal.

      • marj413

        Okay, racist names aside, do you at least acknowledge that blacks disproportionately commit more crimes than any other race? I mean you don't have to, but it is true. I am not suggesting that it is a reason to hate or label a whole group of people, but lets be honest, you didn't even have to read the article to know who committed this crime. Stereotypes exist for a reason. Now had it been a story about someone cooking meth in a trailer park I think we all know who that would be.

    • Angel

      Again, I can't believe such racism is allowed to be posted on this site. Just because I am against racism does not mean I am against a criminal being caught and serving time for his crimes. In fact in my earlier post I stated "I hope they find the man who has done this". There is no reason to attack all blacks in general because of one man's mistakes. And using such hateful words like the "N" word is uncalled for and inappropriate.

  • Scherzerfan

    This is exactly why I lock my purse in the car before I even start to put my groceries away in the trunk. I also use the baby harness to lock my purse in my cart while I shop. You can't trust anybody these days. I hope this woman has a speedy recovery. I hope this rotten SOB gets exactly what's coming to him.

  • justMe

    this rotten SOB as you say is a very good friend of mine and has been like a brother to me for years. His problem is his battle with drugs…. in and out of jail all due to the drugs. When he would stay clean, he is the nicest person you would ever know. There would be nothing he wouldn't do or give to anybody in need. The problem is when he backslides and falls into evil world of addiction, he would do things like this. I promise with everything I love that he in no way intended to hurt anybody. But the fact is he did and he needs to pay for what he has done and even though I love him like a brother, if the only way he can stay off drugs is to be locked away, then that is going to be the best thing for him.

  • Be The Change

    She did have her purse locked into the baby harness, which is why the cart went with when the man started taking the purse out. He yanked it so hard, the straps to the purse broke. Unfortunately, despite efforts taken to secure your belongings, a drug-addict will eventually get their hands on your things if they want them that badly and feel so entitled to them. Muskegon is a mess. Lack of morals, good parenting, and respect for others has driven my beloved hometown into a dark, hopeless pit. This has nothing to do with gun laws. I know the victim very personally, and she would not be the type of person to flaunt firearms on her hip, let alone carry one in the first place. This case has absolutely nothing to do with guns, and the last thing we need is every individual in Muskegon running around with an incredibly deadly firearm attached to their belt, permit or not, and a heart full of resentment. This is about the downfall of society when particular attitudes begin to take over. This is about the increasing lack of respect for others, and the decline of humankind due to drugs, unhappiness, and hate. Respect is contagious, whether you'd like to admit it or not, and this could be seen if more people chose to demonstrate it.

    The fact is that a very kind, selfless woman who is very near and dear to many people, including myself, is currently suffering in the hospital. Her family does not know what to expect, as head injuries can change in person in so many ways. She is in serious pain, and at this point, no pain killers are able to take the edge off. She absolutely did not deserve this, and no one in her position would. A seemingly harmless shopping trip turned into a nightmare for her, as well as her friends and family who are anxiously just waiting for some good news every minute of the day. She showed kindness to everyone she came into contact with, and is still showing kindness even in her current condition. It's time for our town to undergo an attitude adjustment, and this can only start with each and every person, individually.