Detroit Tigers and Max Scherzer Unable to Agree on Contract Extension

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

tigersLAKELAND, Fla. (Mar. 23, 2014) — Tigers fans better enjoy seeing Max Scherzer in a Tigers’ uniform this season. It could be the last time that happens.

Scherzer, who will turn 30 in July, is scheduled to become a free agent at the end of 2014 season. He has said he wants to a remain a Tiger. The Tigers have said they want him to remain a Tiger. So far, however, the two sides haven’t been able to agree on a contract extension, and today the Tigers said any new contract will have to wait until after the season.

In an official statement released this morning the Tigers noted, “The Detroit Tigers have made a substantial, long-term contract extension offer to Max Scherzer that would have placed him among the highest paid pitcher in baseball, and the offer was rejected.”

Along with reiterating their desire to keep Scherzer in a Tigers’ uniform for many years to come, the Tigers said no contract negotiations would occur during the season and they would offer no further comment.

Scherzer is represented by super-agent Scott Boras, who often has his clients test the free agent-waters instead of signing contract extensions with a team before the free-agency period begins.

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  • tracyd112

    The agents are so full of crap! So he turns down this contract offering him to be the highest pitcher in baseball and he wants to remain a Tiger then get rid of this jerk agent and sign on your own.What is to say come this season and he has the worst season of his life? Then no one would want to pay him crap in the free agency and the Tigers could walk away from him and then what does he have? Anything can happen during a season take a hit ball somewhere to the body or anything then what you are done and dont have no contract to fall back on.These Agents are like gamblers in Vegas but they are playing with others money.It is a crap shoot for the agent they only have 1 thing in mind and THAT'S THEIR POCKETS THEY COULD CARE A LESS ABOUT WHO THEY REPRESENT.

  • Eric

    It really is too bad that salaries have grown to this point. Ticket prices, concessions, memorabilia, etc. all have to go up with it, leaving most of us at home listening to a game on the radio as opposed to affording a ticket. You mean to tell me a person can't live on one million dollars a year? They have to have 15-20 million dollars a year? REALLY???!!! It all boils down to GREED. Just like all the violence on "Black Friday"; GREED.