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Same-Sex Newly Weds Stuck in Legal Limbo

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (March 24, 2014) —couple Mixed feelings, Monday, as newly married same-sex couples find they are hitting road blocks in their attempt to make things more official with the state of Michigan.

Art and Corey Leden-Bristol hoped to do what every other newly married heterosexual couple would be able to do.

“We expected to get our driver’s licenses changed and to be able to exercise our legal marriage rights but unfortunately that wasn’t able to happen today,” said Art Ledin-Bristol.

The Grand Rapids couple, together for 11 years, jumped at the short window of opportunity Saturday, after a federal judge ruled Michigan’s same sex marriage ban, unconstitutional. The next day, Attorney General Bill Schuette filed a motion halting that process.

The couple invited FOX 17 along as they took advantage of the first business day following their marriage ceremony to try to get their names legally changed. First stop, the social security office.

“At this point, they’re going to hold the application because they’re waiting for Baltimore to give them direction on how to handle the applications in the state of Michigan, explained Ledin-Bristol.

Knowing they could get the same outcome at the Secretary of State’s office, the couple tried anyway.

“It’s very important,” said Ledin-Bristol. “We want to be able to vote in this next election and how can we vote when we don’t have proper identification. It’s a freedom issue as well. Are they going to take away our freedoms and prevent us from voting?”

Denied once again. The couple says this goes beyond not being able to change their name.

“You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow and having our legal matters in order, that’s very important. We have children, we have a family.”

The couple said they plan to talk to their legislators and keep pushing forward to get their names legally changed.

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    • melewis1961

      There is no "afterlife", unless you are stating that death is after life. Once you die, that's it honey, you're dead! There is no heaven or hell.

    • melewis1961

      I always laugh when someone states that being gay is a choice. In order for there to be a choice, there has to be more than one option. Either you're calling all gay people bisexual, or you're stating that you are bisexual. I'll go with the latter, since I know who I'm attracted to. So, you've admitted that you're bisexual, it would stand to reason that if you think that it's a choice, then you are able to make that choice, hence, bisexuality. Don't worry honey, there is SOMEONE out there for you! LOL

      • American

        Moral degradation of society. If humans were born gay, they would cease to exist based on the premise of evolution as all the non-believers choose to believe. Survival of the fittest, heterosexuality being the clear winner. We are born to procreate and populate the earth. Man and man cannot do that, as woman and woman cannot do that. Heterosexual is the only plausible state a human can be born into. Every other option is a choice based on upbringing and environmental stimuli.

        • melewis1961

          Morals are subjective, what I find morally reprehensible, you may not, and vice versa. Some people are born gay, just as straight people are born straight. There's a broad spectrum of sexuality from straight to gay, and everything in between. Taking a biology class would help you out in this matter. We've populated the earth to the point that the earth can not sustain all the people, so procreation is a moot point. Man and man can't procreate, wow, did you learn that in school? What was your first clue? I can safely say that the person that says it's a choice has a choice, being that they're bisexual. You see, in order for there to be a choice, there has to be more than one option. Straight people don't have a choice in whom they are attracted physically and emotionally, just like the gay person has no choice in who they are attracted to physically and emotionally. But I'm glad that you're able to have a choice, however, I would like to know when you made the choice to be attracted to the opposite sex? In all honesty, your post is just plain stupid, which would also imply that you follow suit.

          • American

            If you knew how to read, which I am assuming you have a difficult time with because your logic is strictly opinion, you would understand that no one has been able to pinpoint with a 100% conclusion, a gene that determines whether or not you are gay or straight, which immediately renders your point invalid. In fact to prove there is a choice in several instances, Paul Cameron published a study in 2006 that claimed that the children of homosexual parents expressed a homosexual orientation much more frequently than the general population had. Claims of bias (from people like you) were made against the study. However another study by Walter Schuum in 2010 confirmed Cameron's results by statistically examining the results of 10 other studies that addressed your concerns. In total, 262 children raised by homosexual parents were included in the analysis. The results showed that 16-57% of such children adopted a homosexual lifestyle. The results were even more striking in daughters of lesbian mothers, 33% to 57% of whom became lesbians themselves. Since homosexuals makeup only ~5% of the population, it is clear that parenting influences sexual orientation and makes my point that much more valid. And to answer your question, being straight is not a choice I had to make, it is ingrained in the human genome. I could have chosen, however, to be gay, which I did not. I don't need the attention/entitlement.

  • tiredofignorance

    Nobody is being hurt by this. If those couples are happy and want to get married it shouldn't bother anyone and if it does bother you keep your mouth shut! Nobody is telling you who to choose or that the choices you make are wrong so why tell others….I am happy that they have the same rights as everyone else. Everybody should!

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