Gov. Snyder: Michigan Won’t Recognize Same-Sex Marriages Until Stay is Lifted

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Talks about his policies in 2013. Part 1LANSING, Mich. (March 26, 2014) — Gov. Rick Snyder announced Wednesday that same-sex couples who wed on Saturday, March 22 are legally married but the state won’t recognize those marriages until the stay is lifted.

“The couples with certificates of marriage from Michigan courthouses last Saturday were legally married and the marriage was valid when entered into. Because the stay brings Michigan law on this issue back into effect, the rights tied to these marriages are suspended until the stay is lifted or Judge Friedman’s decision is upheld on appeal,” Snyder said in a release.

Four counties in Michigan issued marriage licenses on Saturday, allowing roughly 300 same-sex couples to marry.

However, that afternoon the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals halted the ceremonies pending Attorney General Bill Schuette’s appeal of the Friday ruling stating the state’s gay marriage ban was unconstitutional.

Tuesday, a stay was issued until formal arguments are made on U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman’s ruling.

This is the first time since the ruling and Schuette’s appeal that Snyder has spoken on gay marriage.




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  • Chuck Anziulewicz

    I don't get it. What on Earth is it about law-abiding, taxpaying adult Gay couples getting married that terrifies so many people? These are couples who are in love, who have made a commitment to one another's happiness and well-being. These are couples who in most cases already share a life together. Unless the Constitution (especially the 14th Amendment) applies only to people who are Straight (i.e. heterosexual), I can see no justification for denying law-abiding, taxpaying Gay couples the same legal benefits and opportunities that Straight couples have always taken for granted.

    What are people so fearful of? The marriage equality movement was never some sinister effort to make homosexuality compulsory for everyone. It won't cause otherwise Straight people to marry other persons of the same sex. It will not require anyone to attend weddings for Gay couples. Conversely, denying Gay people the right to marry is not going to make Gay people turn Straight!

    What are people so fearful of? Is not love and commitment far more preferable to loneliness and promiscuity? Why does the joy of Gay couples getting married make so many people angry?

    • private

      I am a “straight” born woman married 25 years to a straight born man- We have grown children and 6 grandchildren- I agree with you, I have a very full life, But cannot understand peoples obsession with what goes on in other peoples lives and the hate they CHOOSE to have with wanting to control someones personal life or choices?
      Michigan If you dont like it- fine!
      How are the people mentioned here impeding or interfering with your life?
      Whatever happened to minding your own damned business?
      Michigan has always had sticks up their bums and opposed change- That is why Michigan is so oppressed!
      I’m happy I left ignorance like this behind when I left that depressive state-
      They refuse to progress out of ignorance!
      My advice to the people who want to progress, Leave Michigan and take the revenue with you! Love those you can and leave oppression behind!
      Michigan will never get it!
      And their economic picture shows that!!!!

  • Joseph

    God will never approve of this tbe pastor and all who aplrove of this is in the wrong it is non biblical this is how satan works in leople lives satan is a master at disguise and obviously has been fooling all working in all gays livesand all of us sinners whoever believes that our creator has changed they r wrong satan has changed and is decieving all through man acting like our loving creator!he has even gone as far to change the day of worship from sabbath(Saturday) to sunday the first day!he wants to b above our creator and will do everything possible to b as God would b to fool u!so stop using your thoughts and ways to conform to fit your needs! REPENT!AND STOP BEING FOOLED BY SATAN!GOD WILL DESTROY ALL EVIL!