Parents of Illinois Toddler Cut by Razor Blades in Park Say Culprit ‘Sick’ and ‘Psychotic’

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EAST MOLINE, Ill. (WQAD, March 26, 2014) — The Illinois toddler cut in a playground booby-trapped with straight-edged razors glued to monkey bars and slides says it felt like someone “cracked open” his finger.

Two-year-old Madden Jenks was on his dad Jayson’s shoulders during an outing at Millenium Park in East Moline, pretending to be a big boy on the monkey bars, when he was hurt.

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“He said, ‘Ouch.’ Jayson put him down. He started bleeding and we looked and they were everywhere. The razor blades were everywhere,” said Madden’s mom, Sally Jenks.

“They were on the monkey bars, the rock-climbing wall, the fire pole, the bottom of the slide. Just everywhere,” she said.

The little boy’s cut bled a lot, but is healing well the day after. He says it felt like his finger was “cracked open ” and it “hurt”.

Screen shot 2014-03-26 at 5.07.57 PM

Photo from WQAD

It could have been much worse.

“All the razor blades were placed up, so when you grabbed them it would hit their wrists or your hands,” said Madden’s dad, Jayson Kenney.  He called the plot disturbing and disgusting.

“It’s pretty sick. Psychotic. Luckily, it wasn’t deeper. He wasn’t old enough to put his weight on the monkey bars,” Kenney said.  “What if he didn’t cut his hand and he slit his wrist?”

While his parents are shuddering at the “what if”s” and “whys,” police are trying to find out “who” and are taking fingerprints of evidence found at the park to pursue possible leads.

“I was so upset. It could have been horrible. It could have sliced his hand open completely, if he was older and he was really swinging on the monkey bars and grabbed it. He was just lightly touching it. If he was older, it would have mutilated his hand,” Jenks said.

“I don’t know why they would think about hurting children. Why would that be something to come into your mind, to put razor blades at a children’s park?” she said.

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  • Scherzerfan

    Just when you think you've heard it all, another dispicable low-life crawls out from under a rock with a new way to turn your stomach. Poor little kid. This could be a lot worse. I hope he gets tested for whatever crud that may have been purposely left on those blades. Rotten SOBs out there.