BP Employee Explains Why He Left Note That Got Him Fired

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (March 28, 2014) – It was the note seen around the world; a West Michigan gas station worker leaves a note, locks the door, and walks off the job, saying his manager never came to replace him.

employeeWe posted the note to FOX17online.com and it has since gone viral.

The author was Joe Blumm.  He said it was meant to be a simple note to his manager just letting her know that he was done waiting for her to show up.  He never expected that note to create such a buzz, but he’s not surprised that it cost him his job.

Blumm said he spoke with the owner on Friday and was informed that he no longer works at the gas station.

Blumm said his note went viral so quickly that his head started spinning.

“I noticed it was in the top five of their (reddit.com) hot list and I started freaking out a little.”note

While he never for asked for the attention he is embracing the 15 minutes of fame it’s affording him.

“I know I struck a chord with a lot of disgruntled, low-paid employees who get the short end of the stick,” he said.

And now that he’s looking for a new job he said, “Hopefully with all the publicity that could be a reality.  I would love to have a different job, something a little bit higher paying I would hope.”

He said what happened Thursday morning had been building for a while.  He asked his boss to be taken off third shift and after working overnight and then waiting for his manager to relieve him he reached his breaking point when she never showed up.

“I had it,” Blumm said.  “I had enough of that unprofessional atmosphere, having to deal with that tardiness and have it come down on me.”

He posted the note, locked up and went home.  We spoke with his manager on Thursday who admits she was late that day but argues that he never called her or anyone else at the gas station.  He just walked off the job, a move he thought might end up with him losing his job.

“I’ll hope that they can make things work out,” he said.  “I just want them to improve themselves.”


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  • Guest

    I'm with Joe on this one. If I owned this BP, unless the manager could produce some solid evidence of why she was late she would be looking for a new position. If she had a bad night, she should have been looking to have her shift covered. I expect my managers to be responsible. It is my opinion that she is shifting the blame. It was HER actions that caused the situation.

    • Mike

      How many Bosses call their employees when they sleep in or are late getting there? None that I know of, they just write you up….. But yet She wanted (expected) him to call HER….What a joke….

  • nowheretogo

    this treatment is everywhere!!
    Management knows you need the job to survive ,there is nowhere else to go and someone is waiting to take your place to be treated like crap until the next one comes along.
    to a lot of us a game of survival to keep the job to survive .
    No respect ,no value for anyone. Take it or leave it society and out for your own ass!

  • tracyd112

    I am with Joe and then his manager said he never called her it is not his responsibility to wake her Lazy === up. She of all people has a responsability to be ther early before her shift. He needs to file for unemployment as she would have a hard time explaining herself as she is the Manager.ALSO WHJAT HAPPENED TO THE JESSICA LAW WHERE THERE IS TO BE AT LEAST 2 EMPLOYEES ON EVERY SHIFT? JOE IF YOU READ THIS LOOK INTO THE LAW AS IT WAS SIGNED INTO LAW.

    • Ali

      I haven't been following the Jessica Law thing, so I don't know if any changes were made between the idea being announced and any actual signing of it. However if it was unchanged, gas stations are not necessarily required to have 2 people on every shift. The bill that was proposed was an either/or situation. Either 2 people on any shift between 11pm and 5am OR security cameras. I don't know the station Joe worked at, but so long as they had security camera's they're pretty well covered where the Jessica Law is concerned.

      • tracyd112

        I may be wrong about the Jessica law. People need to read the rules or policys opf they compay as most have it written about 2 on any shift.They do this because people need to use the bathroom and also people are by law required breaks and a lunch break also.It is hard to fight but believe me if you stay with it you can win in unemployment court.I filed against Burger King for the same sort of issue and lost but I appealed and got the upper court to overturn the magistrates decision which is hardly ever heard of ..That said no matter what laws or policys there are IT ONLY TAKES COMMON SENSE TO KNOW EVERY COMPANY SHOULD HAVE 2 ON AT ALL TIMES.

  • jen

    if he gets unemployment benefits for his little stunt all hope in humanity will be lost!!!! I understand his frustration, however he also had a responsibility to take care of that business, if it was so important for him to leave he should have called every single employee there to replace him!

    • Jorge

      What responsibility to "take care of the business"? Was he given stock? Was he a manager? NO, he did the job he was employed to do, which is watch the store during his hours. He locked up and left. Good for him.

  • Mario

    This place is notorious for low pay and bad management. The manager previous to this one was even worse. I don't know this man personally, but he was ALWAYS cheerful and helpful when I went in there. Best of luck, Joe.

  • jen

    That still does not change the FACT, that Michigan law states that walking off the job is an automatic quit, ….he does not qualify for unemployment

  • jen

    I worked for a complete jerk for 6 1/2 years, and never failed to complete my shift or fill in when needed if someone was late……..that whole time without a raise, it's called loyalty!!!!!! Personally I just think this guy wanted a spotlight for just a minute and he is welcome to contact me on FB……….. because given his young age, and given what I have personally seen out of people b/t the ages of 20/30…….there has been a complete lack of respect for elders and authority figures for many years.

    • ADB

      Jen, that's not called loyalty. That's called being taken advantage of.

      Your response to this is pathetic and sad. Does Michigan law leave him without recourse? I don't know, that's for the folks at the unemployment office to figure out. But regardless of what the law says, that you would go out of your way to criticize this guy and brag that you put up with being treated that way is pitiful. You think it's something to be PROUD OF that you got taken advantage of by your employers? You think it's some kind of right of passage to be treated that way, it's "paying your dues"? It's not. No employer should EVER treat their employees this way. You should ADMIRE him for having the guts to stand up for himself, something you were too afraid to do. Let me guess: I'll bet you also think it's normal to have to work 80 hours a week just to make enough to live on. Am I right? We're racing to the bottom, and people like you are leading the way.

    • Joe

      Loyalty hahaa. Thats a good one Jen. Spoken like a true manager. The loyalty you speak of is conditional. It usually starts and stops with the paycheck. Any bad treatment from management is seen as disloyalty to me and i start looking for a more loyal employer. Just saying.

  • jen

    Sounds to me like this guy needs to get a REAL job, out there in the REAL world and work & days a week like the REST of the ADULTS have LOL

  • jen

    Sounds to me like this guy needs to get a REAL job, out there in the REAL world and work 7 days a week like the REST of the ADULTS have LOL

  • True

    Sounds like Jen is jealous she still needs to work at a gas station. If I had opening for Joe I would hire he's a strong no B.S. Employee who just got fed up. AGO should not fire him they should promote him. Also who's franchise and what do they own I would like to stay away from.

  • bmpnflo

    My daughter currently works for a place, where not only are the employees always late, but the mgmt is never on time & is constantly calling in! And this isn’t the only place, where I’ve heard of this happening! Fox17, you may have a story here. What kinda message does this behavior send to our youth? While he still should’ve called, as he would’ve been a manager pro-tem, I agree that breaking points can be reached, and he reached his with this continuous type of behavior! I hope he does find something better.

  • Amy B

    Doesn't sound as though she is a dependable or responsible manager however; I personally wouldn't have left unless it was an emergency. I also would have attempted to contact the manager to make sure she was alright, and then if need be, I would have contacted other employees to make sure the shift was covered.

  • Carol

    If Joe didn't like his job, he could have quit. Instead, he posts a note that he knows will get him fired. Never thought of it before I typed this, but that means that Joe is now entitled to unemployment benefits. I wouldn't hire someone that would just close up my shop and leave my customers in the lurch. It is supposed to be about the customers. None of this tells us if he had spoken with his manager about this or not. He had other choices, and it doesn't appear that he availed himself of those choices to make himself look like a better employee. You just don't close the doors and walk off.

    • ADB

      If it's supposed to be about the customers, why are you an hour late for work and leaving your customers in the hands of a tired employee that's already finished a long night shift and wants to go home and sleep?

      I doubt you actually own or run a business, Carol. But if you do, and this is the way you think and treat your employees, then you are a terrible business manager and you deserve to lose customers. Please don't reply, there's nothing you can say that will impress me other than "you're right, I was wrong." Because the way this guy was treated is indefensible, and you know that.

    • nowheretogo

      you are truly not in touch with reality and how people are treated in this day in age.
      Most take all they can to keep a job, I am talking about being treated like something you scape off your shoe.
      Not just at a gas station but all jobs. Some will torment you till you cant take it anymore and the best for yourself is to pull out. Walk out. Or do things that may put your butt in a jail or therapy. Some thrive on having that power knowing there isn't jobs out there.Its a form of bullying in the work place.

  • belinda963

    Same happened to me. I worked second shift and the third shift person wouldn't show up. Manager had her phone turned off all night. I would work from 1 p.m. until 6 a.m. when she finally showed up. I was finally "let go" because I closed for 30 minutes during one of these shifts from hell.

  • belinda963

    For those of you who didn't read the note it is obvious this isn't the first time the manager has been late. As in my situation this lack of responsibility gets old. They are paid salary to work a certain number of hours a week and to accept responsibility for the store. The clerk shouldn't have to cover the managers hours or shifts because she won't come to work on time. This was a matter of the clerk (who I'm sure discussed this previously with her) decided things weren't going to change in the managers behavior so he changed his.

  • sharlene janish

    When working for someone, we all have to take a bit of the unfair.If one is a boss/qwner, there is no right reason to be disrespectful to their employees.We all have lives,worries and obligations. Everyones time is precious and should be respected.

  • Defend yourself

    I worked 3rd shift at a truck stop for 3 years. had a great fantastic amazing manager for 2 of those, she quit for greener pastures. Sadly the replacement was a joke. She was suppose to be in at 5 so i could set up and cook for morning rush, 90% of the time she didn't show up till 6:30-7 when i would have to be out by 730 so i got stuck having to rush thru my work if i wanted out before my son had to go to school. When i arrived at work there was always a note or a list of shit that she wanted me to do that i had no idea how to do and got reprimanded for doing wrong, like the ordering / the inventory and what not. That stuff was part of her job. I absolutely loved the job untill she became manager. Within 2 months of me quitting she was fired because too many employees got fed up with doing her job for her so she could sit in the office doing nothing with the door shut and locked.

  • abritt

    For everyone who posted comments saying what he did was wrong, f**k off! You are probably the same kind of person this “manager” was..someone who only cares about themselves & doesn’t respect anyone else or their employees time. Managers are in place to be leaders who are supposed to set the example. I’m happy for Joe & I really hope he finds a new & even better job!

  • keyona

    I’m going through the samething down here n Memphis Tennessee and I have gtn to my break in point BT I and my job til I find sum new.this is getn out of hand and go in to far.BT not only I’m I go in through this then went hire no1 to work so I been working my a** of 7 days a week gtn like 70 hour a week.I can live my life wrkin like this and wen I ask 4 an off day its no.BT sum has to giv.I want to do DAT solo bad BT he did it first lol.

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