Three Armed Robberies On-Campus at Andrews University in 23 Minutes

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BERRIEN SPRINGS, Mich. (March 30, 2014) – Police said in just more than 20 minutes Saturday night, three students were robbed at knife and gunpoint, each at different locations, on campus at Andrews University.

Officials say the robberies happened between 10:57 P.M. and 11:20 P.M. Saturday. The victims told police they saw three suspects with a handgun and knife. Police believe what victims described as a handgun may have been a pellet gun.

Two of the three student victims suffered minor injuries to their faces, but declined medical treatment, according to authorities. Then officials say only one victim had anything stolen, which was his wallet that had his ID and cash.

Police describe the suspects as three men. One suspect is a black man who is short, has dreadlocks, and was reported to be wearing glasses, a gray or light blue hoodie, a puffy vest, and white shoes. A second suspect was described only as a white man. The third suspect was described only as a man wearing a white cloth over his mouth area.

Police say two of the suspects were last seen running toward the woods from the Garland Apartment area. Then a Berrien County Sheriff K-9 unit found a possible track made from a wooded area near campus to the 8800 block of Maplewood Drive, but police did not confirm this to be from the suspects.

Andrews University Campus Security notified the dorms to secure their doors in a perimeter lockdown. Then security said an “all-clear” message was sent out after about an hour.

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information is asked to call the Berrien Springs-Oronoko Township Police Department at (269) 471-2813, or call the Michiana Crime Stoppers program.

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  • J

    Wait, isn’t Andrews University a no weapons/gun free zone? If not, maybe they should consider making it one. The President and gun grabbers promise doing so will prevent these types of incidents. In all seriousness, hope these dirtbags get caught. Danger to student safety and makes us who follow the rules look bad.

    • Steve

      Not sure how that would of prevented this. It's easy enough just to walk onto Andrew's campus as there are only a few security check points. Really adding policies or restrictions after a situation like this never really seems to resolve an issue, it just makes it look like it's been addressed. What helps, is everyone providing what they can to the police officers trying to track them down so it shows that committing a crime has clear consequences.

  • Tom

    i go to school here and andrews university and came back to campus around 12:15 during the last little bit of the lockdown. here's the thing with this whole "gun free zones are safe" deal. freshman year, there was rumor of someone driving around waving a gun out their car window at people in the basketball court or walking on campus. after that, i believe it was almost 2 years ago that two guys mugged a pizza hut delivery guy and it was caught on the dorm safety camera. for a while after that, i drove to where i needed to go after dark. obviously the rules of no weapons on school campus didn't do a whole lot to stop those incidents either. the only way they will make this campus safer is a) have regular police patrolling of the area, which i might add rarely happens, or b) allow conceal carry on campus. both would be effective ways at deterring crime. now, i know that conceal carry isn't allowed on school campuses or in some government buildings (not 100% sure on michigan laws, just familiar with laws back home) but it is a proven fact that incidents like this are able to be immediately shut down if the victim is carrying. saying that you can't bring a weapon somewhere doesn't do squat for someone wanting to cause trouble. did you keep from playing with matches just because your parents told you not to? some kids did, some didn't.

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