April Weather and Records

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (April 1, 2014) — It’s already April, and that means it’s already time for a look at the weather for the month ahead.

TEMPERATURES: The normal high for April starts at 52 degrees on the 1st and rises to 64 by the 30th. The normal low rises from 32 to 43 degrees.  The record high for April is 90, set on the 29th in 1899.  That is the only time Grand Rapids has hit 90 in April.  The record low for the month is 3 above, set on the 7th in 1982.

PRECIPITATION: There is normally 3.35 inches of precipitation in April. The wettest April on record was just last year, when Grand Rapids received 11.10 inches.  The driest April was in 1942, when the total was just 0.39 of an inch.

SNOWFALL: The normal snowfall for April is just 1.8 inches. However, back in 1961, Grand Rapids had 15.6 inches.

LENGTH OF DAYLIGHT:  Here is a look at the sunrise, sunset, and length of daylight for the beginning and end of April:

  • 1st:  sunrise 7:25,  sunset 8:09,  length of daylight 12 hours and 44 minutes.
  • 30th:  sunrise 6:38,  sunset 8:42,  length of daylight 14 hours and 4 minutes.

That means the net gain in daylight this month is an hour and 20 minutes.

This April has started on a cold note. For the latest forecast, join us on FOX 17 News or visit the weather page at http://www.fox17online.com/weather



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