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Parents Warned About ‘Eraser Challenge’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CONNECTICUT (April 1, 2014) — Parents at one middle school in Connecticut were recently warned about a dangerous game where students mutilate their skin with an eraser.

Videos of the “eraser challenge” started popping up on YouTube recently, showing kids erasing their skin while saying the alphabet and coming up with a word for each letter.

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    • Esco

      I don't remember that game. Our game was snapping each other's knuckles over and over with a new pencil until someone gave up. Loads of fun.

    • Brandon

      We played this in the mid 90's. Of course, back then we had common sense and new knot two share are needles and e-racers.

  • barelylocal

    This reminds me of when i was in high school. The year was 2002 at a small hick town high school. I was re-taking an english class as a junior while being outnumbered by a bunch of snarky sophmores. They werent all bad but there was one sophmore that could stop traffic with her formidable looks. One might ask why a young woman of such caliber was even talking to me? A total redneck! I was the wild card in high school for i didnt belong to any groups and for some reason i had friends and enemies in every click. This somehow worked out to my advantage when right in the middle of second hour english and this tall blonde hair beauty asked me to take part in the latest craze twisting the jagged plastic edge of a soda bottle cap into ones skin to make a circle of abrasion. Normally i would never take part in something so malicious but i knew the opportunity might not strike again. She raised her sleeve to expose her balmy yet perfectly tanned shoulder. She said "right there sir!" I said "really?". At that point there was no turning back. I commenced twisting a cap from a mountain dew that she had previously consumed during the class lecture about grammar or english or something. i dont know i wasnt really paying attention to school work at the moment. As i augered the cap into her skin I thought to myself "why would even take the time to damage someones skin like that when i would never take part in something so foolish?". I asked myself "should i have stopped to tell her about the lord Jesus Christ and how every one of us is a miracle and we are to not be mutilating our bodies. However i knew that if i didnt then she would just have someone else do the job. Well after a few seconds went by of not paying attention to any reasoning or logical sense I had already "marked" this girls arm and for years to come she will have a scar there to remind her of when she was young and thought she was invincible. I doubt she even remembers any of this but im sure if she could look back at the foolishness we all delved into without batting a thought about anything that she would never even think about changing something so perfect like her skin. (even though i think she got some tattoos since shes been married). There was a lesson in all this and if i could ask the kids doing this eraser trick "whats the point?". Dont hurt yourselves kids its just not worth it.