West Michigan Firefighters to Attend Firefighter Funerals in Boston

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (April 1, 2014) — West Michigan firefighters are among thousands expected to attend the funerals for two Boston firefighters killed fighting a massive fire.

FOX 17 caught up with the crew of eight from the Grand Rapids Fire Department as they started the 14 hour drive to the East Coast, Tuesday.

According to the Boston Globe, some 10,000 firefighters from across the country and as far away as Australia are expected to attend.

The Grand Rapids firefighters said this trip is well worth it to support their brothers and sisters dealing with the loss.

“Two families aren’t going to have their dads,” explained Joe Dubay, President of the Grand Rapids Firefighters Union.

“We’re going out with great respect for the jobs they did and for the jobs all of us do every day. It’ll be very emotional. Firefighting is a family worldwide. It’ll be pretty tough for all of us.”

The visitation and funerals are set for Wednesday and Thursday.

The two men were killed fighting a huge, nine alarm fire in Boston last week. In addition to the deaths, eighteen other people were hurt, including other firefighters.



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  • Watchdog

    So tired of hearing the sounds of the FD blowing there own imodest horn ! First off they admittingly never met nor know those men . Brotherhood they say? I thought they were public servants not some sort of club or cult ! hard working men and women die every day across this country in the course of there jobs , if we do the same job as them do we gather up and take a mini trip to create a spectacle ? The city of Grand Rapids has the worst roads in the country and has literally not done squat ! Where is the money gone ? Now there talking about grinding these pothole filled roads up and leaving them gravel !!!! Purely a political move to hold the residents hostage and gain passage of this May tax ! Excuse me but what have you been doing with the money you been getting all along ? You’ve not repaired these roads in years and hardly plowed all winter ! I’m a 46 years resident I know back when we used to get winters like this last one how things were done , then for decades we’ve had lite winters . So were did that money go as taxes weren’t lowered so there should have been an abundance for this last winter ! None the less whos paying for this trip to boston , the fuel to drive there? The lodgeing , the meals , and ill bet the guys will be on the clock ! So we as a city can’t keep decent roads but city officials and employees can take un necessary mini vacations tooting there lil horns to boston . Something smells here in Grand Rapids and seems our governing body needs some new intelligent and most importantly HONEST men or women with real integrity in those offices !!