Private Investigator Looking For Teleka Patrick Reacts to Discovery of Body

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Teleka Patrick Private Eye – Part One
jim carlin

Jim Carlin, private investigator

KALAMAZOO, Mich. — Dr. Teleka Patrick was last seen leaving Borgess Medical Center’s parking lot. The shuttle driver who dropped her off reported to detectives that she appeared agitated and was ducking behind vehicles.

To this day, we don’t know why.

“We may never know if it was a reality or an imagined idea in her head that forced her to run like this and what happened,” Jim Carlin, the Patrick family’s private investigator said.

He spoke with FOX 17 by phone. That’s how he learned about the discovery of a body in Lake Charles. Carlin said his heart just about sank as the call from our station came in.

“It would appear that this definitely was Teleka, by the protocol that was observed by the police,” he said.

However, Carlin acknowledges that the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office hasn’t confirmed whose body has been recovered. Nearly three months after Patrick’s disappearance, one of her friends, James Davis, told FOX 17 that she expressed fear for her life.

Davis said Patrick thought she was being watched.

“We know [that] whether it was perceived fear or if it was something that was definitely troubling her, she got in the car and that vehicle wound up in Porter, Indiana within a short time frame,” Carlin said.

“If in fact this turns out to be Dr. Patrick, at least she’s going to be able to be buried and that strength that that family has,” he said.

Carlin expects an investigation to take place. If foul play is ruled out, he expects detectives to close the case.

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