Teen Burns & Spits In Face Of Van Buren County Police Officers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GENEVA TOWNSHIP, Mich. — A teenager was jailed on a variety of charges, including assaulting a police officer with a cigarette Monday afternoon.

At 2:52 p.m. Monday, the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Department responded to a report of a possible assault in progress in the 700 block of 67th Street in Geneva Township. During the investigation, it was determined that Eric Thomas Murphree, 19, of Grand Junction and a 39-year-old South Haven man had gotten into a verbal argument that progressed to Murphree physically assaulting the victim.

Upon deputies and other police arriving at the scene, Murphree was combative and resisted arrest during the officers’ initial contact with him. During the struggle, Murphree burned a sergeant from the South Haven Police Department with a cigarette.

While Murphree was being taken to a police car, he began resisting again and spit in a deputy’s face.

The South Haven police officer was treated at the scene by ambulance personnel.

Murphree was transported to the South Haven emergency room where he was treated for minor injuries.

Murphree was jailed on charges of minor in possession of alcohol, domestic assault, resisting and obstructing a police officer, and aggravated assault on a police officer. Murphree is being held on $25,000 cash or surety bond.

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  • tracyd112

    Why call this punk a teenager? He is 19 over 18 is an adult or are you just trying to get more readers.
    And then people wonder why the police are the way they are think if was you being burnt or have someone spit in your face ?I dare anyone of you to say oh O would just brush it off and take him to jail.No 95 percent of us would beat the crap out of him for just 1 of these 2 things/

    • barelylocal

      How do you know so much about the situation with so few details? i could think of 20 reasons just off the top of my head to justify this kind of behavior. You could wake me up from a drunken stupor and i could still come up with 5. Dont be such a knowitall "dick tracy".

      • Duh

        If you can think of just one reasons, let alone 20 reasons to act like this punk, you must be his mother.
        So you drink yourself into stupors….

        Well, there is no reason to act like that, besides crack or meth.

        No wonder society is falling apart…thank you?

      • tracyd112

        I never claimed to know much of whjat happened I said he is not a teenager he is 19 and if you had read both stories they wrote then you would have known this .It dont take a college degree to read and to understand what they are saying but then again people in drunken stupors dont know as much right?

  • Tina

    I agree he is no longer considered a teenager I do not agree with his behavior. This guy has a lot of anger problems and needs help to deal with them. People now days have no morals any more….

  • Yup

    Asshole, Cops should be able to turn cameras off and kick his ass. My buddy was fired from grpd for a head bunt he gave a guy that spit in his face as he was buckling him up for safety in his cruser. It's time we form respect out of fear

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