Driver Charged in Crash Critically Injuring CPS Worker

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ALLEGAN COUNTY, Mich (April 10, 2014) – A 32-year-old Pullman man has been charged for his role in a crash that critically injured a Child Protective Services worker late last month in Allegan County.


Adam Lee Tencate, 32 (Photo: Allegan Co. Sheriff’s Office)

Adam Lee Tencate was arraigned on Reckless Driving Causing Serious Injury after a crash at the intersection of 43rd Street and 118th Avenue in Valley Township on March 31.

Investigators say Tencate was operating a pick-up truck along 43rd Street traveling faster than the posted 55 mph speed limit when the truck collided with a state-owned vehicle being operated by Benjamin Woodward of Portage.

Investigators also determined Tencate’s pick-up truck was in poor condition prior to the crash, preventing him from stopping safely at the intersection where Woodward had the right of way.

Woodward was working for Child Protective Services at the time of the crash.

Woodward had to be extricated from his vehicle following the crash and was transported to the hospital in critical condition.

Deputies say Woodward continues to recover at the hospital from his injuries.


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  • tracyd112

    What difference does it make that the person worked for CPS or not.He was not involved in any CPS proceedings so it should just be another accident with no news stories .Unless you are going to write stories about every accident and list what the people do for work then this is just another accident.

  • angela

    Pretty sad story…..What's even worse is Adam runs an auto repair shop from his home so he should have known better then to have that vehicle on the road anyway. Some people in Pullman will tell you that if they hear squealing tires, that its probably Adam. I cant tell you how many times I thought he was going to hit me while driving because he frequently speeds and drives reckless. Was told that he allegedly had his license taken away once for reckless driving but that he appealed it and got them back……I wonder what it will take to get him off the roads, does he have to kill someone next time?

    • Tencate

      I am adam tencate daughter I grew up in Pullman. And like An ominous said don’t be be running ur mouth and posting anyone’s business and I also believe in karma. This world is round so what goes around comes around and thank u An ouminous.

  • An ominous

    For one Adam was never arraigned for any fucking news to be posting he was charged cause he never was arraigned, he gets arraigned the 17th of April.

    Tracy112: ur right might be a few injuries but no death just another accident. It's sad it's sucks but shit happens.

    Angela: and as for u, don't kno what makes u different then anyone but for u to be runnin your mouth, but who the fuck are you to be posting anyone's business around. Bitch worry about your own!! How don't you know that you can be an a accident anytime anyday and u be the one to kill someone, I believe in karma and no one should ever talk shit on anyone cause these days karma Comes Quick!!

    • Angela

      An ominous, wow is that how you really talk to people? seriously, that could have been my own in that vehicle! Adam drives reckless and if you knew him and were honest then you would know that! You are absolutely right anyone can have an accident at anytime but why would he be in a vehicle that should not have been on the roads, specially since he runs an auto repair shop in Pullman. I am not talking shit, its the facts. As I stated before, if you hear squealing tires then its probably him. It also stated in the news article that he was driving faster then the posted speed! Regardless, the facts are this, he was driving to fast, he was unable to stop because of the condition the vehicle was in. So whose fault is it? :)

      • non ya

        My dad makes sure that everything is fixed on everyone’s car or truck and when I say everything I mean everything he even takes them on test drives and he even cleans in side them and even the out side of them. so think about what u say before u go start talkin crap about people… and yes that is a sad story

  • Carmen Tencate

    Next mind he gets out of jail in November and if any of you got a problem with MY DAD…THEN DEAL WITH IT!!!!!! And he probably makes more money than all u

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