EXCLUSIVE: Teleka Patrick’s Parents Tell FOX 17 They Want Second Autopsy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KISSIMMEE, Florida (April 11, 2014) — Just days after learning of their daughter’s death, Teleka Patrick’s mother and father are speaking out for the first time.

The couple and their private investigator reached out to FOX 17. They want to let the public know they’re still actively looking for answers in their daughter’s death. They’re calling for a second autopsy to be performed.

The Patricks spoke with me from their Florida home.

“I was devastated. I pounded. I cried. I did everything, run down the street. The neighbors had to restrain me.
There are so many questions still unanswered. We weren’t hoping for this news,” Irene Patrick, Teleka’s mother said.

It’s been a hard week after an agonizing four months of not knowing where their daughter was.

“I still can’t understand why they’re saying there’s no foul play,” Patrick said.

The family is unsatisfied with the information that came out in the second and final press conference Wednesday by the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Department.

“So many things. Seems like they changed their story every time,” she said.

The night Patrick went to the Radisson Hotel, at one point, authorities said Patrick wanted to check into a room
but didn’t have enough cash.

Now it’s said that she had expressed intentions to return. It’s believed Patrick changed her mind and drove to Indiana on her own.
Irene patrick said there’s no proof that her daughter was in the car alone on that fateful trip.

“She’s dead. She doesn’t have a voice. She can’t speak and most of these things are unfounded,” Mrs. Patrick said.

Detectives learned through witness statements that Patrick disappeared on occasion and would check into motels for short stints.
Irene Patrick wants more proof of that.

Also, the family isn’t buying the revelation that Patrick may have been going to St. Louis to visit a friend.

“Those are assumptions. Nobody knew where she was going. She definitely, according to everything, running for safety of her life,” Patrick said.

Now the family is calling for a second autopsy to be performed. The Patricks have no specific call to authorities.

“I don’t think they can help us. Because all along, we couldn’t interrupt the investigation process. But now we really have to seek answers. We have to do what’s necessary to bring justice for Teleka,” she said.

Mrs. Patrick said, “Yes, we wanted closure, but we hoped we had good closure. But this is no closure.”

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  • guest

    God bless the Patrick family. Teleka did not deserve this. I pray for your continued strength, faith and perseverance in honor of finding Justice for Teleka.

  • Sarah

    Mama bear has come out! I think she has been respectful, let LE do their job but now she going to take matters into her own hands. Good job Mama Patrick.I hope your baby gets justice!

  • Jane

    That's right mom, do not accept the nonsense of accidental death, she was in fear for her life and was running from someone who probably caught up to her. The slander of her being somehow mentally ill is outright disrespectful to her and your family, especially if she was not officially diagnosed with any illness. It seems someone started that rumor to make it appear as if she would cause harm to herself as to not investigate her death any further. I'm missing something on what the media and certain others are basing their diagnosis on. If it's her alleged tweets, then everything in those tweets should be taken seriously. If it's the video, she appeared quite sane to me and was simply romancing this mysterious person, perhaps the same person she was tweeting. I hope you find closure and the person(s) responsible for her death be held accountable. May she rest in peace.

  • DELL

    FBI needs to take over because that small police department has done a HORRIBLE job on this case. So sad we pay taxes yet cant even depend on law enforcement to put down the doughnuts and do some fuck*** work.

  • Anonymous

    My heart aches for this family. There won't be closure until, even at some small level, they accept the fact that Teleka's mental health was compromised. This case hit close to home for me and some facts were difficult to accept. But I've been following the case from day 1. Teleka was brilliant. Why did she tell WMU she had a fiancé when no such fiancé existed? Why WMU? Why the 400 pages of correspondence to Marvin Sapp?! Why the bizarre Youtube videos? We want to believe that we know everything about our adult children, but in reality, we know what they want us to know. Given the facts we have in the case, it's not unusual to assume that Teleka was somewhat delusional. Why does that carry such a negative connotation? Not sure, but without accepting this reality, there can't be true closure.

  • Commonsenseisnotsocommon

    Everyone has an opinion and rightfully so. However it appears the family is once again doing what the ex-husband said and is in complete denial about their daughter. (Which is MY opinion) You can’t make something be there when it’s not! I don’t blame Pastor Sapp one bit by keeping silent. If the man would of said something..it would of been scrutinized and I’m sure the family and their “supporters” would of found a way to twist it or again make something out of nothing. Now everyone can’t be shady..Come on, be for real!! Kalamazoo police department, FBI & the coroner are ALL wrong and trying to cover for Pastor Sapp?!?! Stay tuned people because I’m sure the 2nd autopsy will show the exact same as the 1st. However I’m sure they will find something else to make up after that. I may sound harsh but this is becoming a bit ridiculous! Again this is only my opinion. Let the cards fall as they may! Oh and if anyone is a “joke” it’s the P.I. This man is doing nothing but stringing these people along on false hope to keep his check rolling.. No one work for free these days. He see their weakness and he’s using it to his advantage. Now HE is the one that story has NOT added up. He has not sound convincing from the first time he’s opened his mouth!! I’m just shaking my head! Sad story regardless to how you look at it! Whether you feel foul play was involved or that the family has always been and still in denial about their daughter..because had they not been, this could have been preventing. NOT blaming them, I’m just saying…

  • hello

    Geez, let this go. What about the sad story of the three little boys who went missing while there father had them? They run just a couple of news stories on that and dropped it! They have way too much news coverage for just this one girl and in my opinion only, the parents cannot accept the fact that there was something mentally wrong with her. Her you-tube videos said it all!!!!! I hope Marvin Sapp can go on with his life unless the family brings him down too. Fox 17 needs to move on to something else!!!!!

    • Jones

      You can "let it go" by not reading the news stories about her. Maybe you should be commenting on the news story about the three little boys wherever that story is and not here. Don't be so disrespectful!

  • Hoped4A BetterEnding

    Of course this is not the closure that they wanted but the 2nd autopsy proved the results of the 1st autopsy. If it was my daughter and I did not know about the mental illness and about the bizarre delusions of her love life I would be saying and feeling the same thing. But the brother and sister knew about the mental instability and need to help the parents see this for what it is. Teleka died of her own actions, she drove a car that she knew had bad tires, she lied about her car still being in the shop, she left her cell phone at work. We will never know how why she did not go to the road instead of the lake but the other drivers on the road say she was alone. There are unanswered questions yes, but only Teleka knows why. I know they will miss her, but the closure will be when they accept that their brilliant beautiful daughter also fought mental illness and put into motion the actions that would cause her own death. I'm so sorry for them, If it was my baby, I am not sure I could ever accept it but I pray that they are able to move on and find some comfort in their remaining children.

  • Lisa

    My hear goes out to her family. This has to be difficult. I believe her parents are responding in this manner because they have yet to accept that Teleka suffered from a mental illness. When we can't explain or understand something we go into blame mode. It's easier to accept that she met foul play than to face she died accidentally (slipping into that lake and drowning). In her head, she was fearful and running to safety. But was her fear actually real? I hope the Patrick's will decide to turn their grief into a positive and not a witch hunt on the police agencies that handled the case. What an opportunity for them to shed light in the AA community on mental illness. Nonetheless, I will keep them in my prayers.

  • hello

    Jones—–I am not being disrespectful..I read fox 17 news daily and I was just trying to say that this is the only news story you see so NO I am not going to stop reading it!!!!! Maybe if you don't like to read the comments that you don't agree with then you should stay off fox 17 instead!!!!! Your not the only one with an opinion that counts dumbass!

  • Mavis

    Hi! I could have sworn I’ve visited your blog befvore but after browsing through
    many of the posts I realized it’s new to me.
    Regardless, I’m definitely happy I discovered it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back frequently!