Patrick Family will do “What’s Necessary to Bring Justice for Teleka”

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KISSIMMEE, Florida (March 11, 2014) – Teleka Patrick’s family reached out to FOX 17, breaking their silence after their daughter, who had been missing four months, is found dead in an Indiana lake.

Investigators say they’re preparing to close the case, something that’s not sitting well with Teleka’s parents.

“That’s my child. 30 years old. Ready for life. Has so much to offer! Ready to serve and someone snuffed her out.” Teleka’s mother Irene Patrick said.

She says she can’t understand why foul play is not being considered.

It was a difficult week after an agonizing four months of not knowing where their daughter was.  The family is unsatisfied with the information that came out in Wednesday’s press conference held by the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Department.

“So many things, seems like they changed their story every time,” Irene said.

The Patrick’s say there’s no proof Teleka was alone in her car before it went off the highway, something investigators concluded.

The devastated parents want to know if Grand Rapids Pastor Marvin Sapp knows anything about Teleka’s disappearance.

Sapp took out a restraining order against Teleka months before her disappearance.  Investigators say he is not a suspect, but rather “an innocent victim of an apparent stalking.”

Friday, a second autopsy was performed on Teleka’s bodywith Private Investigator Jim Carlin present.

“The other exam did not even open the nasal cavity, which would be conclusive. It still is asphyxiation by drowning, but at least now the body can be returned to Florida for funeral on the 25th,” Carlin said.

The Patrick’s say they want a “true investigation” and that what they’ve heard is far from the truth.  They say they’re not going to settle for that.

“We have to do what’s necessary to bring justice for Teleka,” Irene said.


According to the ‘Remember Teleka’ Facebook page:

The Funeral for Teleka Patrick will be held on

Friday, April 25, 2014 at 10 A.M. at

Mt Sinai SDA Church

2600 Orange Center Boulevard

Orlando, FL 32805

Burial and repast to follow.


Darren Cunningham contributed to this report.

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  • KC56

    while tragic as this event is I've heard nothing conclusive to suspect foul play. I believe that perhaps a more in-depth autopsy be performed to see if there were any signs of abnormal trauma to the body. NO ONE knows exactly what happened except the one person that can't speak. I think the possibility exists that she got out of her car for whatever reason and decided to cross that area thinking it was nothing more than a field and fell through thin ice.

    • hello

      That's exactly what I think also. Her parents cannot accept the fact that she had mental issues. Her you-tube video says it all! Maybe they should have checked her family members out. Marvin Sapp didn't get a restraining order for nothing I'm sure. The family needs to let her rest and move on.

  • CommonSense

    Interesting, it's easy to point the finger, maybe it should be directed to those closest to her that tried to distance themselves.
    the apple does not fall far from the tree, as sad as all of this is

  • kenr

    They must not have got the whole 15 minutes of fame ………Here comes Sharpton and a march with Trayvon's parents.

    Just face it , you might not have known your daughter as well as you thought , clearly by looking at her video posts something was wrong with her. Stop hating on paople and accept it as an accident.
    She seemed like a beautiful person ……………let her rest

    • Gail

      The family have the
      right to seek justice for their daughter. They should hire someone to redo the autopsy. I don’t trust the validity of those two autopsies.

  • cass

    I'm sorry but these parents are in denial. It maybe what contributed to her behavior. Asking for more proof, Did your son, daughter, not show you the over 12,000 unanswered tweets she sent the pastor, some rambling even answering her own tweets. Please read them. There is over whelming proof. She lost it; apparently she was doing too many things for too many people while trying to please everyone, which may have, drove her to a mental state. She probably was imagining someone chasing her or thought she saw someone in the water that needed to be saved while going through one of her episodes. The serenade food videos are another clue. There are so many clues, everything but the pastors young children speaking directly with her parents to describe how she showed up at their house when he wasn't home and they answered the door to find her standing there. It appears she was the pride and joy of the family because she became a Dr. but the clues were there; you all just missed them or ignore them. My sincere condolences to this family but maybe there’s something to be learned from this very sad and tragic story. May she rest in peace and always be remembered as bright light and someone who many loved.