Jodi Parrack: Former Constantine Reserve Officer’s Family Speaks Out After Arrest

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CONSTANTINE, Mich., (April 21, 2014) It’s something that has haunted the small town of Constantine for years, since November 8 2007 and after thousands of tips and countless interviews the question still remains, who killed Jodi Parrack?

But now after nearly seven years, an arrest in connection to the case of Raymond McCann, who is charged with perjury.

He is not a suspect but Constantine Police Chief Jim Bedell says he was labeled as a person of interest that night and still remains as one.

Chief Bedell wasn’t chief at the time of Parracks murder but says it was one of the reasons he took the job as chief, to find Justice for Jodi.

He was one of the only ones working on the case for some time until the Michigan State Cold Case team got involved.

Bedell says McCann was a reserve police officer at the time of Parrack’s murder and he was on sick leave. He says McCann’s son was friends with Jodi and he called to volunteer to go look for her.

But ever since that night he says things haven’t added up.

“There was nothing obviously he could be arrested for but there were a lot of questionable things he did that night and its been that way ever since. As far as we’re concerned he’s not been cooperative with us,” said Bedell.

Bedell says during a recent investigative subpoena by the Michigan State Police Cold Case team McCann lied.

He says they’re confident he is hiding something. Bedell wouldn’t say what they McCann might now or if they think he’s responsible, only that its one step closer justice.

As for McCanns family, his sister-in-law Julie McCann says she doesn’t believe McCann killed Parrack but after the murder he separated himself from the family which raised questions.

She says she doesn’t how he could hold onto knowing something for so long and just like many in the community is hoping for answers and Justice for Jodi.

“We want answers; my daughter was her best friend. Jodi deserves it, it shouldn’t have gone on this long she deserves, She deserves to lay at rest,” she said.

McCann is due back in court next week.

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