Newaygo Man Arrested At Grand Rapids Airport For Trying To Carry Loaded Gun Onto Plane

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

04-21-14-Gun-from-GRR-TSA-arrestGRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (April 21, 2014) — A Newaygo man with a ticket to fly to San Antonio, Tex., was arrested at Gerald R. Ford International Airport when a loaded gun was found in his carry-on bag.

A release from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said the weapon was spotted at the x-ray checkpoint and that the gun, a 9mm Ruger P-95 with 15 rounds in it, had 15 rounds in it and one bullet in the chamber.

The arrested man had a valid Michigan concealed pistol license, but firearms are prohibited in carry-on luggage. For guns to be legally transported on passenger flights, they must “comply with state laws” and must be checked in “a hard-sided, locked case,” the TSA release said. The weapon also must be declared to the airline.

The arrest was made by Gerald R. Ford International Airport Police after being notified by the TSA. The weapon and ammunition were confiscated.

TSA info on guns and ammunition
GRR flight packing tips

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1 Comment

  • Pay Attention

    Dude….read the book that came with your CLP…
    10 hours of class, That issue is covered.
    Call the airport ?
    Google ?
    Stupid mistake and now you're arrested …