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Undersheriff: Same Robbers Struck West Michigan, West Bloomfield Jewelers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MICHIGAN (April 23, 2014) — The suspects who attempted to rob a West Michigan jewelry store are believed to be the same men that hit a jeweler on the east side of the state.

Kent County Undersheriff Jon Hess confirmed that the same men who attempted to rob Paul Medawar Fine Jewelry are the ones who robbed Tapper’s Diamonds & Fine Jewelry in West Bloomfield.

Investigators were able to tie the crimes together based off surveillance camera footage and pictures from both stores. The gloves, clothing and bags used were identical in both robberies, according to the Kent County Sheriff’s Department.

While the four men have yet to be caught, Hess said some blood was taken from the scene where one of the suspects was shot and sent in for testing. He said he hopes the results will help lead them to the suspects.

The men first came through the door of Paul Medawar Fine Jewelry just after 12:30 p.m. Tuesday afternoon. They were quickly chased out after two store employees fired shots at them.

“We saw the threat, we saw him aiming his gun at us, coming in the door, so we fired and eliminated the threat and they fled,” David Medawar, the owner’s son, said.

Hess said one of the suspects was hit by the bullet, and that based off surveillance camera footage it appears the bullet entered near his lungs.

“We’ve obviously sent a message to all the hospitals in the state of Michigan, ” Hess said. “They’re still looking…haven’t heard anything from anybody about someone being treated with an injury but we’re hoping that that is one way we’ll find out who one of the perpetrators was.”

As for why the robbers had so many miles separating the crimes, it could all come down to targeting a certain brand of jewelry.

“We have learned that the Rolex’s are distribution that is limited,” Hess said. “Not everybody can sell Rolex watches, but it does appear that the Rolex was the targeted item in both robberies.”

According to the Rolex website, the brand is only sold at 16 retailers across the state, with only two of them in West Michigan.


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