FOX 17 Investigation: Transportation Supervisor Resigns, Bus Driver Let Go

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WAYLAND, Mich. — (April 25, 2014) FOX 17 first began investigating a bus assault at Wayland Union Schools in March.

Now the transportation supervisor there is resigning.

The superintendent announced the resignation Friday along with a statement saying that the bus driver who was on the bus the day of the assault was also let go.

“There’s been plenty of instances that I’ve had with my children,” said Tiffany Chichester, concerned parent. “Her just not addressing situations on the bus along with Jeff as well.”

Parents originally came to us frustrated because they felt that their complaints surrounding bus driver Malissa Westfahl were being ignored by Transportation Supervisor Jeff Schilthroat.

Amber Canfield said her child was assaulted on a school bus March, 11.  However, Schilthroat didn’t show them the entire video when they went to review security footage.

Schilthroat admitted during an interview with administrators that he stopped the recording because he didn’t want the parents to see Westfahl’s reaction to the child that was assaulted.

JS –“ They didn’t need to see her (MW) being unsympathetic to their son. It was an embarrassment to the school and the department,” said Schilthroat.

“I cannot believe that someone would keep that from me. That’s my child. I wanted answers. If he would have given me those answers, he wouldn’t be in the seat he’s in right now,” said Amber Canfield, concerned parent.

However, Superintendent Norm Taylor issued this statement:

“There were allegations of inappropriate and unacceptable behaviors by two employees within our transportation department and the way students were behaving on the bus also became a concern,” said Taylor.

“During the course of our investigation we accepted the resignation of the Transportation and Maintenance Supervisor.  He is no longer employed by our District as of April 11, 2014.”

“The board and I agreed with the supervisor that at this point, new leadership is needed within the transportation department.”

“At Wayland Union Schools, students and their families expect a positive and safe atmosphere, be it on the bus or in the classroom.  To that end, the bus driver that was also involved in the concern has been released from employment.”

“In the beginning, there was no intention of having Jeff lose his job or Mrs. Westfahl,” said Chichester.  “It was to bring attention and awareness to parents in the Wayland School District. That way other parents would maybe question their children and find out what’s going on on their buses.”

The school said the investigation and response is not yet complete and changes are ahead.

“We can’t always be there for our children when they are out of our sight. We would hope other adults would take the initiative to control the situation, and handle it properly,” said Canfield.

The superintendent said some of the changes that will be implemented include the formation of a committee to examine bus practices and procedures.

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  • This just in

    Story gets repeated over and over and over again. Let me rephrase these sentences and change the headline…. VOILA! A new story update. Here you go, more headlines. Let’s get some more updates on this story please. I mean, aren’t we all wondering how in the world Amber Canfield is ever going to get over this horrible horrible beating her angel of a child was subjected to?

  • just wondering

    I sure hope this bus driver does not get her job back via the Bus Drivers Union.she should not have a job around children again…As for the boss give him his job back.

  • hello

    I just want to know why the bus driver was getting away with this for all these years? Is this the first time she has been turned in for something like this? She should have charges brought upon her if it's how it really happened. This is physical and emotional abuse. Maybe they need to split up the middle and high school kids with the elementary kids (separate buses).

    • Get real

      Obviously you don't have kids in wayland or you would know that this student was on a bus that only transports students in 4-yes through 4th grade. He was verbally bullying the kids that hit him, and all kids involved were in 2nd grade. Oh and by the way this driver has been driving for 17 years and had nothing in her personnel file against her.

  • Waaaaaaa, I'm sad about stuff

    Poor mom, at least she got what she wanted. Bet her angel of a kid will have no more problems getting beat down by bullies now. That’s a joke….like this whole story. These parents a losers.

  • Dusty Bottoms

    The mom’s a porker. Can’t wait for the new bus garage director to be hired so we get season 2. I can’t believe with having these two people fired she thinks her poor special needs child won’t be bullied anymore.

  • Kid that rides a bus

    Hope my mom never calls the news for me when I get beat up on the bus. I’d disown her at the drop of a hat. I don’t think she would, that would be really embarrassing. She would probably complain to someone higher than the transportation director, and then…no wait, she wouldn’t complain because I don’t act up and get into fights. My parents are good parents.:)

  • Shake my head again

    Justice was served, two people lost their jobs over a video tape. Now that’s some good old fashioned justice. I’d like to pour that hot creamy justice all over a nice bowl of ice cream….with nuts.

  • Just sharted

    If you’ve ever had to climb inside a dumpster and cut your boxers off with a jack knife, and work all day with major monkey butt, you might be a redneck…..or from wayland.

  • Been There Done That

    That’s just wierd. Just today while working, I had to cut off my boxer shorts with a jack knife…and I have the worst case of monkey butt right now. It’s just aweful. And yes, I’m from Wayland.

  • Leon Hendricks

    What a horrible waste of journalism. FOX 17 should be ashamed of themselves. If Suzanne Geha was still here she would march right over to your station and beat the station director with a rubber hose. Were always on Target at Wood TV 8. We brake it down, county by county. We would never stoop as low as FOX 17 with a story like this. From all of us at Wood TV 8, we hope nothing but the best for the two school employees that were wrongly terminated from Wayland Public Schools.

  • Tom Bodett

    If anyone is looking for a place to stay until they can find a new home away from the now tarnished town of Wayland. Motel 6 always has nice clean rooms available. I’m Tom Bodett, and we’ll leave the light on for ya. Except for the bullied kids parents. They might start whining about not having enough towels in the bathroom or that the the vending machine gave them the wrong soda. Next thing you know were plastered all over Fox 17 news and are nice hardworking housekeepers will start losing there jobs because of it. Just remember, our lights are always on, just not for them.

  • Rodger Moore

    From the man who brought you Rodger And Me and Bowling For Columbine. Well it looks like Wayland will become the next Flint. Were starting production on my next documentary about bullied children. It will be called, SERIOUS BRUISES. A film about So called bullied kids and there whiny parents who go to the local news and make a sand dune out of an ant hill. Rotten Tomatoes gives it 1out of 5 stars for the parents over acting over something that occurs everyday in society that will never stop. We have a open casting call out for anyone that would like to be in the film but it seems that everyone from the town of Wayland are to ashamed to show there face on TV so the scheduled release date will be sometime next year.