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Video: Grand Rapids Party Store Robbery

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
armed robbery still pic2

Surveillance image from armed robbery

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (April 28, 2014) – Grand Rapids Police say a man has been taken into custody for questioning following an armed robbery at a party store on the city’s southwest side earlier today.

A male suspect armed with what appeared to be a handgun entered the Butterworth Party Store demanding money from the clerk and a customer that was behind the counter when he rushed in.

The video shows the suspect hop over the counter and threaten both men at gunpoint before running from the store.  The suspect also pulled one of them out of a chair and threw both to the ground before making his getaway.

The customer that was in the store followed the suspect in his own vehicle to get a description of the car the suspect was driving.

That description led police to a home in the 800 block of Bridge Street.  One man was taken into custody that police believe was staying at the home.  A woman and child were also at the home when police responded and are cooperating with the investigation.

armed robbery still 1

Surveillance image of armed robbery

Investigators say no one was hurt either at the home on Bridge Street or at the party store.  They’re still investigating whether or not this crime is connected to other reported robberies in the Grand Rapids area in recent days.

The raw video of the armed robbery is in the video player above.  We will hear from the clerk and the customer who were in the store when the robbery happened tonight on FOX17 News at Ten.

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  • My opinion

    As we speak the "anti-gun" lobby is working 24/7 to ban "self defense" laws.
    One of the goals is to nullify "stand your ground laws", that means, if successful, you would be required, by law to run away, and be "allowed" to defend yourself only if the criminal chases you. ( don't you think at this point the criminal has already made his intentions clear? pointing a gun at you ?)
    One of the "anti-gun" lobby's talking points is, that "stand your ground laws are racist. Should victims be required by law to become a willing victim because of their attackers race?. people of all races are victims of crime.

    The "castle doctrine" is also under attack. The castle doctrine states a home is a castle and you have the right to feel secure in your home, The castle doctrine also assumes that if an intruder enters your occupied home he intends to do you harm.
    The anti-gun lobby wants to give the criminal, the home invader, the legal advantage- not you the victim.

    If the anti-gun lobby is successful, and you do defend yourself or home, YOU could be charged with a crime and held accountable.
    In fact, you could be sued by the criminals family, at which time the criminal would be termed the "victim" and YOU the criminal.

    Do you really think this guy who shoved a gun in his victims face cares if he harms you, your family?
    Stand up for your civil right to self defense, your rights as a victim and support the second amendment.

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