Food for Orphans— West Michigan Churches in Search for Volunteers

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orphan food


HUDSONVILLE, Mich. (May 3, 2014)— It’s packing day for churches around West Michigan– who raised thousands of dollars– and now need help boxing up food for orphans.


Nearly a dozen churches around the West Michigan area joined together in reaching a goal to raise enough money to buy a shipping container that fits 285,000 meals for orphans around the world, which would feed around 780 orphans every day for an entire year. Every two seconds a child is orphaned, and there even bigger numbers for children dying from hunger; community members and churches that donated or volunteered hope to make a difference.


This project is being conducted through “Food for Orphans”. The churches and volunteers have raised enough money to get 183,000 meals, and are very excited to help. But now that the fundraising for this particular event is completed, those in charge of the project are in need of volunteers to help pack and box the food.


If you are interested in helping them out, the ‘packing’ event is today at “Bid 2 Benefits Warehouse” located at 5800 Balsam Dr. in Hudsonville. They will accept anyone willing to volunteer, but are especially looking for help during the hours of 8AM-10AM and 2PM-5PM.


If you would like more information, click the link above or search “feed hungry orphans” at

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