Armed Robbery Suspect Dies After Shootout With Police

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Courtesy: FOX 28

NILES, Mich. (May 3rd, 2014)- A man has died after a shootout with police in Niles, Friday night.

According to the Niles Police Department, officers received a call from a citizen who reported an armed robbery happening at the Long John Silver’s, in the 1000 block of S. 11th Street. Niles Police officers with assistance from the Michigan State Police and Berrien County Sheriff’s Department surrounded the business as three officers entered the business through the front door.

As the officers made their way through the business they confronted the suspect near the back of the restaurant. The suspect was armed with a handgun. Then the officers tried to approach the suspect, but the suspect fled out the back door where he engaged the officers position there.

Officers from both the Niles Police Department and the Michigan State Police discharged their weapons striking the suspect. The suspect was then transported to a local Niles area hospital where the suspect later died from their injuries.

The suspect has been identified as 39-year-old Eddie Macon Jr of Elkhart, Indiana.

Police say the suspect’s, handgun and money from the Long John Silver’s were recovered at the scene.

The identities of the officers involved are not being released at this time.

The Michigan State Police are still investigating this incident.

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  • Bountyguy

    All it cost was what a Buck and some change? Cant say I feel sorry for the guy people need to stop robbing people and places and get a Dam JOB if they want money.What you rob someone or something how long will that last? then you need to do it again. GET A JOB GET A CHECK WEEKLY and something for when you are older. There are no Pensions in the robbery field.

  • DWT

    Oh but wait…
    The cops will be raaaaaaacist, the NRA will somehow become involved and "white privilege" blamed fo driving him to crime.
    And best of all, the only "comprehensive" solution to this problem will be to ban guns from lawful citizens.
    Al Sharpton will organize a march for Travon and Jesse Jackson will demand reparations….and he'll get them.

  • Scherzerfan

    Sure, it's all fun in cops and robbers games until the robber gets plugged, which is exactly what he deserved. $100 says he had a known criminal record too.

  • Mrs Dobbins

    What’s so great is this person they have a picture of is not even dead!!! So remember that when u take what is posted as FACE value…

  • Larry Jackson

    Would love to have tens of thousands of these types of stories everyday. Just a wonderful human interest story; this drain on society is not going to be missed, plus he can’t produce anymore garbage.

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