Pregnancy Scare Prompts Pedicab Rescue

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

pedicabGRAND RAPIDS, Mich., (May 9, 2014) Pedicab drivers have lots of stories to share, but this one is not very common, a pregnant woman thinking she was in labor, wanting a ride to the hospital.

Jamie and Andrew Momber of Sparta say they already went to the hospital earlier in the day Thursday but that turned out to be a false alarm. That’s when they went to grab a burger at Stella’s for its four year anniversary but that was just where their whirlwind night began.

“I’m thinking, want to go to a concert maybe speed things up, we love music, we’re music lovers in the first place,” said Andrew.

Two days over her due date, the couple was up to try anything and just hours before the Brantley Gilbert concert in downtown Grand Rapids, they were able to get some free tickets. But after the show, Jamie started to have labor pains and while she says they weren’t in a major rush, they wanted to head to the hospital, thinking now could be the time.

Andrew says he had a little bit to drink and instead of paying for an ambulance or waiting for a taxi that’s when they came across the Pedicab front and center outside of the Van Andel Arena. Driver of the Green Machine Pedicab, Stephen King says Andrew asked “How fast can you get to St. Mary’s Hospital? My wife’s in labor”. He said he was going as fast as he could cutting and weaving through people.

But once they made it to the hospital a few blocks away, the last surprise for the night, still no baby—another false alarm.

“Anytime though, anytime just waiting for her to come out. She’s being a stubborn little girl.” It’s a story they say they’ll be sure to tell their daughter once she is finally born.


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