News Anchor Rips Into Viewers After Storm Coverage Complaints

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SIOUX FALLS, SD – (May 13, 2013) – As severe storms struck parts of South Dakota this week, ABC affiliate WSFY-TV broke into programming to deliver live storm coverage.  Phones began ringing off the hook at the TV station with complaints as a tornado barreled through a community.

On Tuesday morning, two news anchors lashed out at the viewers who complained.

The YouTube page reads, “This morning my amazing co-anchor, Nancy Naeve, went on a rant about the nasty emails, calls and social media messages we received after breaking into the “Once Upon A Time” season finale.  I don’t take the decision to break in lightly, but when there’s a confirmed tornado on the ground that is headed toward people’s homes, I break in. I don’t care what’s on.”

Here is the video…

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  • ACE

    Good job to them! If I lived anywhere near this station I would definitely watch them! Love the humanity. That’s hard to find in America nowadays.

  • Amanda Wilson

    Thank you for doing your job! I work in customer service industry and can relate to how cruel people can be. You did the right thing, and have no need to apologize. Their the ones who should feel ashamed. TV shows get reruns, friends and family members don’t!

  • jo gunne

    fuck that self righteous bitch…tornadoes happen in the spring…if you want to track them, go to the weather channel

  • guesty

    Good on them! (The news station there) They did the right thing.
    The crazy viewers were so incensed over the interuption of their precious tv show for something that could possibly save their obviously worthless lives?
    I wonder if they get pissy about the greedy brain washing commercials that get blasted at them every two minutes?
    That interupts their programming too!
    Plus have those crackpots NEVER heard of reruns or “On Demand”? What a bunch of crybaby complainers they must have there!

  • Classy1

    This is actually exactly why I switched to Fox 17. Wood only gives a shit if severe weather is hitting the GR area. When they went back to normal programming during a tornado warning in Allegan/Barry counties last year, I switched off Wood permanently (17 stayed with it until the threat passed).