Judge Tells Man to Stop Having Kids; Owes Nearly $100,000 in Child Support

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


ELYRIA, Ohio (WJW-TV – May 15, 2015) — A Lorain County judge has ordered a father not to have any more children until he can pay the child support for the kids he already has.

Asim Taylor, 35, was sentenced to five years probation Wednesday afternoon for not paying child support to his four children.
Last year, Taylor pleaded guilty for failing to pay for his kids.
“I take care of my children. I just don’t pay through child support,” Taylor said, as he was leaving the Lorain County Justice Center.
“The defendant is ordered to make all reasonable efforts to avoid impregnating a woman during the community-controlled period or until such time the defendant can prove to this court that he is able to provide for his children that he already has,” said Judge James Walther of Lorain County.

Doug Merrill, Taylor’s attorney, argued with the judge that ordering Taylor not to have any more children is taking away his civil rights and forcing Taylor to avoid having sex.

“The only way he can insure not impregnating a woman is to not have sex and I do not believe the court has the ability to do that based on the case law. Based on his fundamental rights, I don’t believe the court has the ability to do that,” said Merrill.
Some people who heard about Judge Walther’s controversial decision say it’s unfair.

“I think it’s kinda absurd because a man is to have a child they should provide him with protection for that whole time, if they don’t want him to have a kid,” said Danny Kocak, of Elyria.

According to court documents, Asim Taylor owes more than $96,000 in child support for his four children. Taylor’s attorney says his client plans on appealing the judge’s decision.
Judge Walther says he would consider lifting the “no more children ban” if Taylor shows he’s paid the child support he currently owes.

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  • Erica

    Civil rights infringement?..yes perhaps, best darn kind there is! Stop making babies that you can't support. If you want to have sex fine, do so responsibly. At his age with that many kids frick I say make him have a vasectomy. Cheaper than food stamps and all the state aid that goes into raising his children. As a woman, who wants to have sex with someone like that anyway?

  • tracyd112

    This is just another thing People stick their noses into like the NAACP every time something happens they rush in. What about the children?He did not tell him not to have sex he said to not make any children he can wear a condom? I am so sick and tired of all these people having babies and not supporting them.Women even get pregnant just to collect welfare as all they do is tell the DHS they do not know who the father og said children are and that allows them to receive food assistance and Money from the state.This stuff needs to stop PEOPLE NEED TO BE FORCED TO CARE FOR THERE CHILDREN.

  • guest

    Of coarse it's the mans fault.. Poor, Poor women.. they just cant keep their legs closed, so pin the responsibility on the guy.

  • Von

    I refuse to put a man on child support, the only way to make a bum notice he's a bum is treating him like one. Don't need 'em. You're right just another nigga being a nigga smh.

  • Simone

    Yup he’s being a nigger. As in an ignorant person like in the dictionary for you racists. Unfortunately the MAJORITY of deadbeat dad’s are white, just like whites make up the largest percentage of food stamp recipients. Smdh. By the way, alot of you are nigger too

    • Daryn Bogart

      Seems to me like Simone is a bit butthurt because this particular scumbag happens to be black. Get over yourself. While the actual number of people on food stamps may be a higher count of white people, the percentage within a specific racial makeup has blacks having a FAR higher percentage on food stamps than whites and also being deadbeats, so nice try, but EPIC FAIL.

      It’s simple………….if you can’t support the kids, you have no business spreading your nasty fvcking legs. Both the guy and the little hoodrats that keep getting knocked up by scum like this jackass.

  • Brandy

    This Man DOES take care of these 4 babies! he just doesn’t do it thru child support. Whenever one of them calls with a need,he’s there to do what he can. Seen it firsthand myself. He loves and does foreach and every one of his kids. Its not his fault that the state pays for anything and everything the women are getting. They choose to say what they want to welfare. And im sorry but i feel the state agencies should do a little more “digging” into most cases. As a working taxpayer, yes it bothers me that i struggle to raise my child but i manage. Cant afford insurance for my own let alone pay for someone else’s. And the child support system is no better than the welfare system. As for the ruling…um civil rights, human rights have been violated!

  • Daryn Bogart

    Danny Kocak can go fvck himself. Obviously another little “entitlement” scumbag that is actrually defending this piece of $hit being about 100k in arrears. If you can’t pay for the kids, don’t make them. I don’t car eif you don’t like wearing rubbers or not. I don’t like having to pay for kids I don’t make.