Soldier’s Package Never Arrived

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WEST OLIVE, Mich. (May 15, 2014) — Carole Noyce is the proud mom of Army specialist Jeremy Noyce who deployed to Afghanistan in December 2013.

“He`s a very proactive person, always has been about defending the underdog,” Noyce said.

Specialist Noyce is serving our country on his first tour of duty.

Noyce said, “He`s there for at least 9 months.”

To pass the time, she said her son bought an iPod to listen to music.

“He actually ordered it on the Apple website, and he messaged me through Facebook, and said hey, ‘You`re gonna get an iPod because Apple won`t ship to Afghanistan, could you send it on to me?”

Noyce said she received the iPod, re-packaged it and dropped it off at the Grand Haven post office on February 12th.

She showed FOX 17 the receipt for the insurance she paid for if the iPod is lost or damaged. The insurance she bought contained up to $250 worth of coverage. She said she had to indicate on the package what was inside.

“A normal mail delivery for him to receive packages is about 2 weeks. So I did wait three weeks, and he kept checking with me. Ya know, `I still haven`t gotten it mom.` He was very disappointed,'” Noyce recalled.

The weeks went by, and Noyce said she spoke with an employee at the post office.

“He said, ‘You know what ma`am? It could be anywhere. It could be stuck on a dock somewhere. It could be in between overseas shipments, and you`re probably going to have to wait a long time,'” Noyce recalled.

A search tracked the package’s last location to the Grand Rapids post office downtown on February 13th.

‘And after the 13th there was no record of it. It was almost like it never left the Grand Rapids facility,” Noyce said.

As for the insurance, Noyce said, “It could be denied because the deadline has expired.”

However, she`s not exactly sure what will come the insurance or a claim. Regardless, she said sometimes the little things can make a big difference for the men and woman putting their lives on the line a half-a-world away.

“I feel bad for my son. I mean, they`re over there. They`re serving our country, and if there`s something that can brighten his day, and certainly listen to some music would brighten his day…”

“I really want to be able to have that sent to him and have him receive it, have some enjoyment in his day,” she said.

The United States Postal Service spokesperson for the Grand Rapids region said the package could be anywhere.
FOX 17 provided her with information, and she said she is looking into the matter to help Noyce try and track down that iPod. We’ll let you know what happens.


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  • TheFoundingFathers

    I will NEVER SEND ANYTHING WORTH OF VALUE THRU THE USPS! YOU WILL NEVER SEE YOUR PACKAGE IF ITS WORTH OVER $2. Lets see they lost a card with $100 cash in it, they lost a laptop, they lost a watch for my dad, they lost another package with $300 in it, and this is just the shit they lost/STOLEN, from me since January………. still think it's normal for them to lose all this stuff?

  • cheri

    I think with the millions of packages and envelopes they deal with daily, without problems, the USPS does a good job. Just a heads up, you never send cash through the mail. That is just foolish. And to do it twice? 😕