West Michigan Millionaire Talks Self-Made Health Empire

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Nick SarnicolaGRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (May 15, 2014) — Nick Sarnicola has come a long way since his days at Wyoming Park High School.

At 35, the West Michigan husband and father has made tens of millions of dollars from scratch.

Sarnicola is a co-founder of ViSalus, a network-marketed diet supplement and weight loss platform.  It’s a marketing phenomenon that’s taken over Facebook and Twitter.

After selling a majority share of the company in 2008 for $75 million, Nick and his wife Ashley went back to running their own sales team.

“I became an entrepreneur at 18, made my first million at 25 and several times over since then… and Ashley and I actually met through business,” Sarnicola said.

In 2011, Nick started the Sarnicola foundation to help young people become successful entrepreneurs, teaching them that they don’t have to work for somebody else their entire lives.

At the local level, he and his wife also started the 10/10 Program  to fight hunger.

“Every time an adult loses 10 pounds, or gains 10 pounds of muscle, we feed hungry children on their behalf; kids right here in Grand Rapids,” he said.


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  • LearnedFromExperience

    I have learned first hand from this company, I was actually a part of it a few years ago!! The leaders up the ladder promise you this and that and that you will be in a free BMW in less than a year and you will make this much money… BUT when it comes down to it, it is a scam, these people just want to make it sound good so you pay the money to sign up and once you do, you never receive their assistance again..My up-line really sucked and was not supportive at all, I never received anything free, never got close to a BMW, and was told that they were going to assist me and make my dreams come true… That never happened!! And I find it very hypocritical that, that Mr Sarnicola just had on his Facebook not too long ago making a joke that the next site next to his was Chubby Girl.. Well for 1 if it wasn’t for chubby, fat, or obese people he wouldn’t be where he is today with his business!! Most of the success stories come from people losing weight not gaining muscle!! Something to think about!! And lastly he has some pretty good liars promoting his products right here in Grand Rapids!! So be aware!!

    • I love ViSalus!

      I’m sorry that you had a bad experience. This is a wonderful company though. My husband and I didn’t have the best upline but we chose to stick with the company and found support from other ViSalians who actually cared. We are now getting our kits for free… it is definately not a scam!

  • Getoutwhileyoucan

    Nick is definitely not who he portrays himself to be. ViSalus is tanking in sales, his top promoters are fleeing the company, and he is verbally abusive to his own staff, as well as to ViSalus employees at headquarters. These are NOT admirable people.

  • NickIsAblowhard

    Nick is nothing but a blowhard who made his millions conning people. Then you gotta look at his wife… Looks like an inflatable Barbie doll with all that silicone. Visalus is indeed tanking. Just another multi level marketing scam. Only the guy at the top makes any money, as long as he can continue to sling the bullshit stories to the troops and The troops continue to believe. If he had any character at all, he would have bought that 4 mil condo discreetly and moved in quietly.

  • Terry Schmeltzle

    You can tell the negative nellies….all I would say is show me what you've done in life. How many people have you effectively helped? If you live in glass houses….beware your actions for they just might come back to bite you in the butt….amazing how many blowhards spout off and create a fictitious name…because they are so insecure with who they are and hide under rocks….

    • CommonSense

      Go back to school and learn something from Warrant Buffett and Bill Gates who give of their time and money freely and don't feel the need to appear on local tv in an attempt to tell the world how wonderful they are. That four million dollar condo can come crashing down mighty fast when this clown loses his shirt and the minions finally figure out that they have been schlepped!. It doesn't take much to figure out the bs this guy spouting. Can we say Pyramid Scheme?"

      • I love ViSalus!

        This couple has worked hard to get to where they are at now. They have sacrificed so much time in helping others achieve ther goals. And who cares if its a pyramid scheme? if it is then its a good one. a scheme that gives people free food and makes 18 year olds millionaires!

  • Anonymous

    Let me start by saying this company is and has always been a joke to Nick – he made the hand gesture known as “The Shocker” a rude off colored sexual gesture, the companies hand gesture and he has joked about it many times on a personal level. Like it or not it’s all just selling people smoke and mirrors – the dream of wealth and success. I went to school with Nick Sarnicola – I never had a problem with people personally but this guy is and always has been a douchebag conartist who is very carismatic and if he legitimately was in a sales job in some real company would likely do well but the truth and morals will not be found in Nicks person. It’s very easy to give away large sums of money and promote charity once you have bought multi-million dollar houses and lambos, he just as all those before him give to charity to help hide the evil side and deeds they does. Listen, follow along blindly if you wish but you will never become “independently free” using a marketing scheme. Of course some will experience some success it’s the law of averages, but it will not provide long term. Nick makes me sick to lie and mislead millions of people’s dreams and ambition to fill his own selfish, lustful wants. Honestly if you go and eat healthier – skip fast food, unaturally processed foods you won’t need any pill or shake to lose weight and be fitter and healthier. ViSalus is a low grade blend of supplements, you could do better on your own.

  • Carlo Gobba

    Funny how I believe the negative comments are most likely with people that don’t have much education, expect things to be handed to them and are always criticizing others instead of working on their own dreams and success. I have personally met Nick and Ashley numerous times, I’ve met their families and lost 55 pounds on the Challenge. I also made a fair amount of money (because I was a walking billboard) and worked the system the way it was intended so I have zero complaints about life or these people and not jealous of their success and riches. Too bad there aren’t more out their like them.

  • Gill

    Visalus is a complete fraud.. Conning thousands of their hard earned money in order to keep the business afloat. Smoke and Mirrors is an understatement. The unethical traits the “Founders” have are hard to stomach. The constant lies they produce to continue leading on the cult following is absurd. Do some google searches….. You will soon find out the real truth about this company and why they are branching off into another venture. (Lawsuits from various people – Fake Amazon accts to sell unused product (thought you couldnt do that?) In turn will be just as fraudulent as Visalus and others they have headed. They prey on and lure in the middle to lower class people with false expectations. These people see what they put in front of them and the BOOM – Smoke and Mirrors. They should be in prison. How they can legally do this is unsettling. Good luck with your failing marriage and a lifetime of lawsuits. As for the Entrepreneur aspect of things…. How about starting a real business where you are not having to create a “pyramid scheme” in order to make yourself long term money. Put in the hard work at a real business.