TV Still in West Michigan Shop a Year After Man Paid for Repairs

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BELDING, Mich. (May 19, 2014) — Larry Ellsworth, 72, wants his 55-inch television back. He said his daughter took it to a Greenville repair shop for him more than a year ago.

Ellsworth said he bought the Sony Wega in 2007, but after a few years the “picture started to turn green and greener and greener.”

So the Belding man took it to G and E Electronics (formerly called Cybers Spot) in downtown Greenville to get it fixed.

May 7, 2013 is the date on the work order. He paid $280 dollars upfront by credit card. Ellsworth’s daughter said she made the transaction and was told it would take 4 to 5 weeks to the get the TV back.

He said a couple months after the TV was taken in for repair, he was told the part needs to come from overseas. Ellsworth said he was told that it would take a while to get through customs.

“‘We’ll call you when it’s ready.’ [They] haven’t called yet,” Ellsworth said.

So Ellsworth called and called. He still wanted it fixed.

“Eventually, their story was, it came but it was the wrong part,” he recalled.

Ellsworth and his daughter Kellie said they requested a refund four months ago and wanted the $280 credited back onto her card.

However, that never happened.

FOX 17 called the store and the owner agreed to an interview to give his side of the story.

Gregory Keates said he offered Ellsworth a cash refund in December. Keates said he had spent seven months of searching for the part unsuccessfully.

“So he said he really wants it fixed,” Keates recalled.

“He doesn’t want his money back and wants it fixed. So I said it’s going to take me longer to try and find the part for you,” Keates said.

The store owner said Ellsworth “bugged me, bugged me, and bugged me, and bugged me. And if every customer keeps bugging you, you can never get any work done, you know what I mean.”

Ellsworth said he wasn’t offered a cash refund or else he would have taken the money and the TV to another shop.

Nonetheless, Ellsworth said he was told last week that the part is finally in.

“This is the one that just came in,” Keates said he found the part on Ebay from a seller in China.

A week and a half from now, Keates said he expects to have the TV back to Ellsworth in working order.

But first, he’s got to clean out the dust to ensure the TV will work properly.

Keates said, “It takes time. He’s not my only customer.”

FOX 17 asked if Keates had any other customers where it would take a year to get a part and make the repair.

“This is the only TV [repair] we’ve had because it’s an old TV and that’s why,” Keates said.

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  • Belding Resident

    This place is terrible. I had a similar experience with them a couple years ago. Let's just say I paid for them to fix a problem that they never fixed, took it back to get it really fixed and never saw my laptop again. When I took it back in to get repaired they said they'd call me, I said don't you want my number? They said oh yeah…I gave it to them as they wrote it in permanent marker on the wall…

  • Eric Bates

    I just got my TV from there today because I was fed up having the same kind of problems I paid him 250 bucks to repair It and it never happened so I picked up my TV today and he told me he was only going to give me a $100 back out of 250 I paid him for nothing and G&E Electronics is a joke.

  • Eric Bates

    To add more to the story of my crappy TV repair job done at G&E I just drop my TV off at another shop to have it looked at and found out that there are parts missing from the inside of my Tv so now not only have I lost money from taking my TV to that joke of a repair shop it’s going to cost me more money to get it fixed right and replace parts that should have been put back inside it needless to say I am very pissed off and feel that G&E Electronic is a big joke and should not be in business and aloud to rip people off .

  • Eric Bates

    Well so much for getting my $100 refund out of the $250 I payed G&E Electronic on my Tv screwed me over on. Was told on Monday to stop in on Friday after work to get it and guess what the shop was closed and when I tryed to call know one answered the phone this place is a fucking joke Iam very piss off

  • shawn

    I wish i seen this soon. hubby took computer to fix and gave the run arround. he paid up front- which i would not have done.went today and guy was a jerk got the comp back with missing piece so now we are now out 240 bucks and comp will be more to fix because now some pieces are missing.

  • Teresa

    My TV has been there for the last 6 months and I also keep getting the same run around. I paid 280.00 to have it fixed and still no TV

  • Eric Bates

    I just got home from taking this place to court today to sue themfor a refund on the repair job that never happened to my TVthe judge ruled in favor of meand at least now I’m getting something back so I’m happy my advice to the rest to you out here is to not let him get away with ripping you off and take him to court and sue him for what he owes you

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