Lake Michigan Swimmer Rushed To Hospital; Underwater For Two Hours

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

water rescueHOLLAND, (May 21, 2014) – An ambulance sped off to the Holland Hospital with a police escort around 9:00pm on Wednesday night.

Dive team members could be seen attempting to revive the 17-year-old boy who went underwater around 6:15 that evening.  Six agencies were called to the pier at The Holland State Park after police said he went swimming with a female friend and had jumped into the water and struggled to stay afloat.

The friend, according to police, grabbed life rings from the pier attempting to rescue the swimmer. When those attempts failed she then told someone to call 911.

Police used a helicopter, underwater divers, and boats to try and locate him but it was an unmanned robot with a camera and sonar that eventually found the swimmer about 20-30 feet deep in the water.Missing Swimmer Pulled from Lake Michigan

Divers got him out and were hopeful the cold temperatures would work in their favor.

Sgt. Cal Keuning with the Ottawa County Marine Patrol said, “With the cold water you have the mammalian reflex which slows your body down.  Slows your heart down, which is how the body protects itself by bringing the blood to the core.”

According to FOX 17 meteorologists the Lake’s water was in the 40’s at the time of the water rescue.

At last check, Sgt. Keuning said the patient was transported as an ’emergency status’ patient but would not confirm if he was alive.

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  • tobyob

    Such a sad and preventable tragedy. I can't imagine the family dealing with this. Sorry for your loss. But, this has to be addressed in some way. Is this the year we install the fences with barbed wire on the piers? READ THE SIGNS! Every year we lose kids this same way. This is nothing new. And still the lessons evidently are not learned. What am I missing here?