Convicted Felon Pleads Guilty to Federal Weapons, Heroin Trafficking Charges

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
vincent issac peter jones

Vincent Issac-Peter Jones (Photo: Michigan Department of Corrections)

BATTLE CREEK, Mich (May 23, 2014) – A convicted felon from the Battle Creek area faces a possible life prison sentence after pleading guilty to federal weapons and drug charges this week.

28-year-old Vincent Isaac-Peter Jones was arrested by the Battle Creek Police Department following a high-speed chase on January 28, 2014.  After crashing his vehicle into a snow bank, Jones was arrested after a foot pursuit carrying two loaded .45 caliber pistols.

After bonding out on state charges related to that arrest, Jones was again arrested by the Battle Creek Police Department on February 19, 2014 after he was found carrying a loaded .40 caliber pistol, $1,200 in cash, and heroin he intended to sell.

Jones was later indicted by a federal grand jury in March.  He was also charged for possessing heroin with the intent to sell in April and July of 2013, and for possessing a fourth handgun in August 2013.  The charges for the 2013 arrests will be dismissed at sentencing in accordance to his plea agreement.

Three of the four firearms confiscated during the arrests were reported stolen.

Online records with the Michigan Department of Corrections show Jones served several years for felony weapons and drug charges, and was released in March of 2013.

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  • rob

    Yet another poster child for capital punishment. Why should law-abiding taxpayers support the incarceration of another piece of shit, career criminal. He has proven thru his own actions he will never amount to anything more than the violent animal he is.

  • Soap Box

    He bonded out ?
    Why was he not required to show he legally obtained bail money ?

    Why was a felon released when he was caught with guns?

    Are we tired of the anti-gun lobby blaming us, lawful gun owners yet ?