Land: We Need to Discriminate Against No One

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Terri%20Lynn%20Land%20StillMACKINAC ISLAND, Mich. (May 29, 2014) – Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Terri Lynn Land, says the Michigan Legislature should review the state’s Elliot-Larsen Civil Rights Act to add protections for the LGBT community.

“That’s something that, as the governor mentioned, we should take a look at and bring to the Legislature,” said Land. “We need to discriminate against no one.”

The leaders of the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce and Detroit Regional Chamber were joined by the president of AT&T Michigan at the Mackinac Policy Conference Thursday morning to encourage lawmakers to take action.

“If we want recent college graduates, whether they be from the University of Michigan or University of Wisconsin, we want them to know that regardless of who they are, if they’re talented and they want to make a difference, Michigan is the place where they’re welcome,” said Brad Williams, vice president of government relations with the Detroit Regional Chamber.

The Elliot-Larsen Act currently bans several forms of discrimination, but not on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

“Everyone needs to have a fair opportunity to get a job, to have health care, to raise a family, to have a good living here in Michigan,” Land said. “Anything that we can do to make sure that that happens I think is important.”


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  • Mike

    To do list for election campaign:

    1. Run negative ads against fellow candidates – Check
    2. Appeal to the LBGT community to rally their votes – Check
    3. Be a predictable politician with no real desire to change government… Check?

  • Albeit

    4. Support legalization of Marijuana in Michigan to generate tax revenue and economic opportunities.

    "We Need to Discriminate Against No One".

  • sherrie

    Discriminate against no one? Good idea. Let’s start with stopping the discrimination against ALL Americans… Want to know what I am talking about? Read below…

    I am going to tell you what our leaders won’t, so listen carefully young naive Americans wanting to change the world. Minorities, wanting a better slice of the American pie. Americans just trying to survive paycheck to paycheck. And, even the Democratic leadership that is currently being sacrificed for the ‘plan’.

    Americans now realize we have a President elected by illegal aliens (remember the ID fights?) being asked to protect our borders from an invasion of illegal aliens. Can anyone say ‘Conflict of Interest’?

    Americans now realize that these invaders are really Obama’s latest crop of voters. Obama moved too quickly and his inept handling has tipped America off to the ‘plan’ to swell the Democratic base by flooding America with illegals…and that he is willing to sacrifice the 11 million illegal aliens already here…current Democratic leadership..every minority that voted for him…and every other American, to let these invaders in.

    The existing 11 million plus illegal aliens already here now realize they are caught between having to compete for jobs like the rest of us, and keeping their heads down, because any shot they had at staying in America is quickly dwindling. Obama’s chances of forcing Congress into another deal requiring their legalization is gone. They now realize that American money they used to pay for more family now arriving at the border, was probably wasted. Word got out and too many flooded the border too quickly.

    Minorities wanting ‘change’ and better opportunities now realize they are being sacrificed. Between the existing 11 million plus illegals already here and the invaders streaming across now, 40% unemployment for their young is just the beginning.

    Unemployed Americans now realize that badly needed jobs will increasingly be taken by both the 11 million illegals already here and the invaders now streaming across our borders…while a growing number of young Americans having to move back home, and 40% of some American communities, can not find jobs…We now know where millions of those jobs are going…

    Unemployed Americans now realize it is a lie that illegal aliens only take fruit picking jobs that no one else wants. I had dental work done this week. From the technician creating crowns to the office staff, all were struggling with English. I am staying in a hotel while working on a contract. The security, cleaning, and front desk staff have all had to get help speaking with me because they did not speak English.

    Americans now realize that Mexico is helping to ship these invaders to our border because of the money flowing back across the border. Don’t open it. Let our ‘friend’, Mexico, take care of this ‘crisis’ using foreign aid that we already provide.

    Americans now realize that Obama will say or do anything to get as many illegals into this country, as possible. We will be shown children with tears streaming down their cheeks, walking alone. We will be asked to just let families or children in…Anything to grow the Democratic base…Americans have had enough. We are now AWAKE. We will no longer stand by and watch while our children and grandchildren are exposed to increased crime, third world disease, and job loss so bad that 40% in communities can’t find one. Where our grown children are forced to move back home. Where the world now perceives us as weak and a potential target. Where two of our allies, now under attack, can not count on our help…as we begin dismantling our own defenses… Where our own government is killing our own veterans…We have had enough.