‘A Monster Took Him,’ Family Speaks Out About Suspect Accused Of Beating Infant To Death

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

COLDWATER, Mich. (June 2, 2014)–The family of a 7-month-old boy who was beaten to death is speaking out about the suspect.

On Thursday, first responders were called to a home in Coldwater. There, they found Carson Burm, 7 months, unresponsive.

Screen shot 2014-06-02 at 4.20.16 PM

Steven Shaw

The boy was airlifted to Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo and died the next day.

Burm’s grandfather, Brian Kelsey, said he never suspected his grandson was in any danger.

“He was a 7-month-old baby. He was happy, he was cuddly, ya know, he loved to be cuddled,” Kelsey said.  “He was a wonderful, little boy and unfortunately we’re never going to see what he’ll grow up to be.”

On Monday, Steven Eric Shaw, was charged with homicide in baby Carson’s death. The Branch County courtroom was filled with Carson’s family watching as Shaw was arraigned via video.

Shaw, according to family, is the boyfriend of Carson’s mother. Kelsey said the alleged abuse took place after Carson’s mother went to work and left him and his older sister in Shaw’s care.

According to court documents, the call to 911 came in about 2 hours after Shaw was left alone with the children. Family said Shaw is the one who called.

While at the hospital, it was discovered that Carson had several fractures, a snapped spine and his brain was swollen, according to court records.

“A monster took him.,” Kelsey said. “More so, than just shaken baby syndrome. This man beat him like a man would beat another man. Nobody should beat anyone this way let alone a 7-month-old baby…For what…what was he doing…was he crying…was he hungry?”

During a custody hearing held on Friday, Kelsey said Carson’s older sister was taken into protective custody. He said during that hearing, he also learned that this might not be the first time Carson was abused. He said a child protective services worker took the stand and spoke about interviewing Carson’s mother on three other occasions.

“If CPS felt compelled to interview her three times why did CPS leave them kids in that home….three times…come on, I mean really? You are aware there’s something wrong with this gentlemen, if not you wouldn’t have interviewed three times, but yet you still leave my grandkids in the home for this to happen.”

Kelsey said Carson was recently taken to the hospital after his mother discovered he was bleeding from the ear.

“Supposedly, at that time he had a busted ear drum or a real bad ear infection,” Kelsey said.  “The trauma surgeon said that bleeding from the ear is a sign of head trauma not an ear infection. So, there was a misdiagnoses at the Coldwater hospital also, so there’s two times that could’ve been prevented and saved my grandchild’s life.”

A picture that was taken while Carson was in the hospital shows his father holding the little boy as he remained on life support.

“What do you tell your 22, 23-year-old son who’s sitting in the hospital knowing that his son’s lying there but never coming back? What do you say to him? There’s nothing you can say to him,” Kelsey said.”

Kelsey said Carson is now saving the lives of others. He said Carson’s father donated the little boy’s organs.

“My son asked, ya know, why? What is the purpose of this? And ya know, we tried to comfort him, ya know, maybe this was Carson’s purpose in life.  He saved five other people. There’s five happy families out there because of Carson,” Kelsey said.

The judge denied Shaw bond. He’s expected to be back in court on June 12.

A memorial fund has been put into place to help to help the family. You can visit that page by clicking HERE.

Family said a fundraiser will be held on Saturday, June 7 at the Butler Motor Speedway, located at 1031 Clarendon Rd. 49082. The race will start at 7 p.m. For more information contact Karen Garrett at 269-209-3984.


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  • jerry

    what is wrong with the damm mother to be around a guy like that . charge her with having no brains to be dateing a guy like that let alone leave a child with him shes as worthless as he is

    • ShutUpJerry

      I went to school with the mother, she's a sweet girl and very young, who unknowingly got swept up with a monster. Have some compassion. She's a grieving mother who's going through hell right now.

      • Jan

        I'm sorry but should've left her babies with FAMILY not her dumba$$ boyfriend. CPS interviewed her 3 times so she had to be maybe just a little suspicious of this low life scum instead she ignored that and now her baby is gone. She should also be punished for this babies death

      • Aria

        I hope she sees the beaten face of her dead child every minute of every day for the rest of her sorry ass life!!!! She was old enough to have TWO children so I don't want to hear how young she is. And take a good long look at that guy, not to mention his background. And she got ENGAGED to this em elfin loser of her own choice. Unknowingly my ass. I'll save my compassion for the dead baby.

      • Rebecca

        "she's a sweet girl and very young, who unknowingly got swept up with a monster" Really!! I think it is really sad that child protective services spoke with this "sweet girl" three times concerning the how this "monster" was treating her child. Yet she NEVER felt the need to protect her beautiful and defenseless baby. Instead she protected the "MONSTER". If you read the article even grandpa is wondering “If CPS felt compelled to interview her three times why did CPS leave them kids in that home….three times…come on, I mean really?" Plain and simple the mother failed to protect her children from this man and she should absolutely be charged under Dominic's Law for failure to protect as well as allowing the abuse to continue. I have absolutely no sympathy for this women. She deserves to rot in jail with the monster she allowed to murder that poor baby.

  • Heather

    My prayers go out to both of the family's involved here. As for the mother in this situation, even if she was not causing or witnessing the abuse, she had to have known something was going on. We do not know what her situation was, she may have been abused herself by this monster. I just pray that this little man did not suffer. My heart breaks for everyone involved in this tragedy.

  • Get used to it?

    I'd like to know what Gov Synder and MI government/legal system plan to do with these violent men who prey on single mothers and murder their children or inflict lifetime damage. We have far too much violent uneducated male human trash in this state. This is a ROUTINE news story. Are we supposed to 'just get used to it'? Do you realize there's a Men's Rights Activists group coming to Detroit w/e June 28th, who believe women are to be blamed for these crimes, and men should be let off easy because they are the victims? Its an insult, when we have a disturbing rate of abuse by the hands of men.

    • TheFoundingFathers

      Actually the dumbass MOTHER deserves 50% of the blame. What kind of crazy bitch leaves her kids with a fool that looks like that guy?

      • Laughmore

        The mother might be a dumbass, but that child died at the hands of a heartless FN murderer. How dare you say she deserves 50% of the blame. Are you kidding me. She probably isn't the brightest star in the sky but that doesn't make her a bad person, just stupid.

      • BranchCountyGirl

        What is wrong with you? I know the mother, she's scarcely even out of school herself. She was manipulated by a predator much older than her (probably who she thought she would be safe with, due to his maturity) who then murdered her child. She is not to blame for this monster's actions, she is a victim of this man in more ways than one and deserves support and sympathy right now.

        • Aria

          Whatever. She was old enough to have spread her legs for the SECOND time & reproduce. Which means that she was RESPONSIBLE for taking care of these children. NOT leaving them alone w/ a FELON. WTF is wrong with you????

        • Rebecca

          Michigan's Child Protection Law requires DHS to request termination of parental rights if the parent is responsible for any abuse or neglect (under MCL 722.638) or if the parent failed to protect the child from someone else who abuses them (under MCL 722.638). Mom absolutely is 50% responsible for the actions of her boy friend. She knew he was abusing her child and did NOTHING to protect him. CPS spoke to her THREE times about the abuse. Yet she continued to leave her babies with that monster. Not to mention her taking the baby to the hospital for a burst ear drum….that couple with the repeated CPS visits should have been enough to convince mom that something was going on. Yet she continued to stand by her "man". I hope she is standing right next to him when the judge hands down THEIR life sentences. There is a special place in HELL for people like them!!!

  • Equal blame

    I cannot believe that there has been no charges filed against the mother in this case, if you have been following this story like I have then you know that there has been more than one occasion that this child has been brought to the hospital with questionable injures, and three times that C.P.S. Has investigated possible abuse… To set back and think that this mother had no clue as to what was happening is ridiculous, and even if she only suspected it, what kind of mother would leave her child (alone) with this man? She cannot use the excuse that she had no clue because C.P.S. Had brought it to her attention and even told her of his past criminal history… This mother needs thrown in jail and her ovaries removed so she can no longer breed. Not much has been said of the father yet, but I have to wonder what he knew? I am sure that C.P.S. Would have contacted him of the suspected abuse. As a father myself if I was contacted bye C.P.S. Of possible abuse I would have immediately removed my child from this home… But you have to wonder what kind of father he really was when C.P.S removes the oldest daughter (which is his child also) from the mother's care a day after baby Carson death and placed her with a relative of the mother and not the father??? Seems to me a lot of blame can and should go around along with charges…

    • BranchCountyGirl

      You're despicable. A young mother has one of her children murdered by someone she trusted and the other taken away, and you want to put the blame on her? Do you understand at all the power abusers can have over the people in their lives? The poor girl is going through hell, and anyone who knows her feels nothing but sympathy towards her.

      • Jan

        Her punishment for the rest of her life is knowing that she could've prevented the death of her baby. You can get mad all you want BranchCountryGirl but CPS gave her the heads up on her "boyfriend" and it was HER decision to leave her babies with him instead of family. I hope you're a good friend of hers because with the guilt that she will be living with – she sure is gonna need your "sympathy"

  • guest48

    i can't even begin to wrap my mind around the amount of pain this baby had to endure. someone should break his fkn spine.

  • steve

    Um who is to say that the mother wasn’t part of the previous beatings in mean she had taken him to the hospital with a busted ear drum and she really thought it was an ear infection?? Con

  • steve

    Oh and tell me the mother isn’t at fault her son dies and she says maybe this was his purpose in life so his organs could save 5 other children um ya sounds like someone is trying to justify something

    • angela1973

      The father of the baby had to make the hard decision to to this, the "mother" had nothing to do with this life giving and life affirming decision.

  • brandi

    Once again the system fails…lazy bastards! I'd like to be housed in the same cell as that evil monster because that SOB wouldn't have a chance! So many cases slipping through the system,and the mother should also be charged! Makes me sick in more then one way!

  • Ryan

    Put me in a cell for an hour with that rotten mfr… He'll come out worse than that poor baby. What kind of mother leaver her baby with a crazy looking pos like that, especially knowing abuse is taking place? Sorry but she's part of the problem.

  • Deb

    Of course this POS is to blame, but the mother played a part. It was her job to protect this little innocent helpless baby and she failed. The baby paid the ultimate price for both. He is the only victim. I don’t care if she was abused, too. That just makes it more shameful that she KNEW he was an abuser and STILL left these vulnerable babies with him anyway!

  • Adam Lancaster

    You all are a bunch of heartless fucks, I’m sure you wouldn’t like to be reading this bullshit that you’re posting when going through a tragedy like this family is. Grow up and do something with your worthless piece of shit life’s. Fucking scum

    • Keith combs

      You wanna know something about somebody then why don’t you ask them instead of believing everything your dumb ass heard. My name is Keith combs and I have nothing to do with meth so I suggest you watch your fuckin mouth and Laura is a good person a good mother and could really use some support instead of all the negative shit you drama bitches feel like talkin about that day. Don’t judge a book by its cover………..

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