McDonald’s Customers Nab Purse Snatcher

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
mcdonalds purse snatching

Plainfield Township, Kent County, Mich.

PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (June 3, 2014) — Customers came to the rescue after a woman became the victim of a purse snatching outside the Plainfield Avenue McDonald’s Tuesday morning.

The Kent County Sheriff’s Department said the incident happened just before 11 a.m.

Witnesses tell FOX 17 News a young man took the woman’s purse, then ran across the street to the Meijer store parking lot.  Two customers chased the suspect and detained him until sheriff’s deputies could arrive.

The suspect was taken to the Kent County Jail.


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  • Well..OK

    Rob, I agree with the "poor victim" part of your statement , that is what we are told by the media and hence the excuse for two levels of law enforcement.
    Did you know there is a movement in america fostered by Attorney general Holder to create a system of law for "minorities" that is less stringent than that for "majorities"

    Don't believe me? Its being tested in Hawaii.

    As for the other part of your statement..well my black friends tell me that "nigga" is a term of familiarity or endearment, although I don't believe that was the spirit intended.
    The "other" term, is not.
    That won't help, in fact it may harm the validity of the otherwise spot-on assessment

  • Pro2

    As we speak efforts are being made to nullify self defence laws.
    The anti-gun lobby is working 24/7 to remove your RIGHT of self defence.
    The group is attacking the stand your ground laws, that means if successful, a victim will be REQUIRED by law to run away ( reinstating the duty to retreat ).
    Another side effect, the criminal ( or his family) will once again be able file a complaint against the victim and sue the victim if the criminal is harmed…

    The castle doctrine is also under attack, the law that allows the victim to assume that a home invader intends to do his victim bodily harm.

    In other words, under the guise of "gun control" efforts to give the criminal the legal advantage are underway and making progress.

    Supporting the second amendment goes far beyond simply gun rights…

  • rob

    Well ok….riddle me this… can a WORD be hateful, racist & disgusting if used (or bleeped out/letters missing etc. by the media) by "some" races but yet be ok for another race ( blacks ) to use frequently, publicly & uncensored by the media ? If the word is TRULY so hurtful, then shouldn't your black friends stop using it also ? Racism will NEVER die in anyone old enough to read this' lifetime….because BLACKS won't let it & don't WANT it to. With appoligies to Dave Chappell. ..if our differences are only cultural, then yours is the worst culture on the planet.

  • dannyj

    It was my mom that this happened to. I wrote a blog about the story on The men that caught the guy were 2 off duty firefighters that were in Meijer parking lot at the time and happened to see the thief running across Plainfield with a purse. Anyway yea…the whole story is there as my parents re-called the event to me. Thank God she and my dad and the men who apprehended the thief were not hurt!!! I did not write about the pants being pulled up the story because my dad remembered he saw it happened after I wrote it. But it did indeed happen!!! Also my dad said that just before the thief turned to grab my mom's purse, he pulled his pants up which seemed like they were at his knees…which obviously he did so he could run away.