Winter Weather Advisory for Friday Night and Saturday

Cedar Point Closed After Water Main Break

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
cp water

Courtesy: Fox 8 WJW

SANDUSKY, Ohio (June 7, 2014)- Cedar Point Amusement Park  had to closed Saturday morning after a water main broke that feeds the park with water.

According to management at Cedar Point, a water main that feeds the park water broke Saturday morning. Officials say without the normal water supply being fed to the park and due to safety concerns, the park was unable to open for Saturday and will be closed through the weekend.

The city of Sandusky is working right now to fix the water main.

Officials at Cedar Point say that once as the water main is repaired, there will be additional procedures that will be taken to restore water pressure to all areas on the property, and testing that must follow to ensure the systems are working properly and the appropriate water quality is established.

Cedar Point will honor all guest tickets for Saturday for future dates this summer and fall seasons.

Soak City, Hotel Breakers, Sandcastle Suites and Lighthouse Point will also be closed through Sunday, June 8th. Cedar Point issed a statement on its website saying, “We recognize that this situation has caused many of our guests to be disappointed. We are sorry that this has happened.”

Cedar Point expects to re-open on Monday for regular business and ride operation barring any unforeseen set backs with the water main.

Here is the released from Cedar Point: Early this morning, the City of Sandusky experienced a water main break on the main line that supplies water to Cedar Point. The City of Sandusky is currently working to repair the system. Without our normal water supply, and due to safety concerns, the park is unable to open today. All guest tickets will be honored on future dates this season. Please visit for the latest updates.



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