Michigan Teenager Walking 40 Miles With His Brother On His Back

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

swaggerTEMPERANCE, Mich. (June 7,2014)- A 14-year-old Temperance teenager is making a 40 mile walk from Bedford Junior High School to the University of Michigan with his seven year old brother on his back.

Hunter Gandee is carrying his seven year old brother Braden Gandee in the Cerebral Palsy Swagger walk. They are trying to raise awareness about cerebral palsy, which is a congenital condition that keeps his seven year old brother from walking. Braden relies on a walker to get around.

According to the Detroit Free Press, surrounded by family and friends the brothers left Bedford Junior High School around 8 a.m. and they hope to arrive at the University of Michigan sometime on Sunday.

Hunter hopes the medical community at-large will notice their efforts and take steps toward developing adaptable, all-terrain technology for those suffering from impaired mobility.

“We’re hoping to inform the up-and-coming leaders and possible doctors and medical researchers who can possibly develop new and innovative ideas and technology that will assist mobility,” Hunter told the Free Press.

The family is not asking for donations, but for those interested, the family asking people to donate to the University of Michigan Cerebral Palsy Research Program.

You can follow Hunter’s journey with his brother via FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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