Students Suspended For Wearing T-Shirt Deemed Inappropriate

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Mic school shirt

Union City student wears controversial t-shirt

UNION CITY, Mich. (June 10, 2014) — Is it simple arithmetic, a potential sexual innuendo, or both?

You be the judge.

Mickaylah Brigg’s class t-shirt reads, “The girls are hot. The boys are fine. We’re the class of 6 + 9.”

That’s the exact wording for the Union City High School class of 2015 shirt.

“Our class is like the joking class, so we wanted it to be funny and represent us,” Mickaylah explained.

However, Union’s school administrators didn’t see the humor.

“Administration did accept them for us to buy them, like say, they’re appropriate for school and stuff,” Mickaylah said. “Then that Friday, we all turned our money in. We found out they were not school appropriate, but it was too late.”

Administrators informed students that the shirts had a “potential sexual innuendo.” A classmate wore the shirt anyway on Friday and was suspended, Mickaylah said.

“Then we all decided that we were going to wear our shirts that Monday.”

Mickaylah was then suspended. “They waited for everybody to walk into school, and everybody that had a shirt got kicked out.”

They were suspended for June 10, which is the last day of school.

“I don’t see the sexual innuendo,” Bobbiejoe Briggs, Michaylah’ mom, said. She complained to the superintendent and questioned the school’s position well before any of the suspensions. Without the ‘plus sign’ between the numbers, Mrs. Briggs said, she could understand. However, with it, Mrs. Briggs sees it as a simple math problem. “I can see where 6 + 9 equals the year students are graduating,” Briggs noted that the ‘9’ rhymes with ‘fine.’

“And I feel suspension is probably a little too far,” Briggs said. “Why couldn’t they have them take their shirts off? Especially if it was the first offense instead of the second offense.”

FOX 17 spoke with superintendent Peter Kreger over the phone. Kreger said students were warned and they were being insubordinate by wearing the shirt anyway.


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  • Satch Tola

    What the students need to do is sue, Union City High, for violation of the first amendment – Freedom Of Speech. This is the exact thing Zeeland High School did to Eric VanHoven back around 1999-2000 for wearing a t-shirt that said KORN, …nothing more. The UCLU got involved, but the attorneys settled for, Eric, to go back and finish school with no repercussions, so he could graduate. I feel this should not be taken lightly. I see no offense of the sloagan and whoever is involved with the suspension of the students should be fired.

    • satch tola

      I highly suggest that the students who were suspended, to have a group meeting with their parents, about a formal law suit against Union City High School with the ACLU backing them. Contact Attorney, Kary Love, for help. It is up to you. Get the spine and give the Union High School administration a lesson that they need and will never forget. This is your Constitutional Rights they are stomping on.

      • Joe Tenmoore

        This is not the exact same thing as the t-shirt that said Korn. The t-shirt did not contain a sexual innuendo, nor was it disruptive. An administrator heard the music that Korn made and deemed that their music was inappropriate. This is much different than a t-shirt that is considered disruptive. Just because Satch Tola doesn't see offense in a slogan, it doesn't make it a fact. This is the question of speech which is offensive to prevailing community standards by reason of being vulgar, lewd, indecent, racist, or otherwise inappropriate in a school setting.

        • satch tola

          Joe Tenmoore,
          A few fanatics will not determine what Korn or 6+9 means to everyone. Sorry Bub, but you are dead wrong. Our forefathers fought for the right of freedom of speech and that is what this issue is about. How would you like for people to determine your first name means “coffee” and started calling you exactly that – Coffee Tenmoore? That is a light example, but gets to the point.

  • Red

    As a graduate from Union City High School, I'm disgusted. All class shirts ordered by the students are approved by the administration before the students order the shirts. If the school didn't want them to wear those shirts, they should not have approved them in the first place- it is their own fault for approving the design. They have no right to suspend the students because they are showing pride in their class. I understand that they don't want sexual content in the school, but again, they shouldn't have approved the shirts if they didn't want the students to wear them. I agree, Satch Tola, that the school should be sued, and the administration needs to give the students a public and formal apology, if not more.

  • Yup

    Tho funny. I think the school should pay for new shirts everyone is so sue happy remember people it's a school if kids want to look stupid outside is one thing inside a total diff thing the school should have a policy on sexual sayings 6+9 or 69 yes diff but not and the kids knew…

  • Concernedmom

    The students ordered these shirts, without school approval, first of all. Second, the students were informed that these shirts were not allowed to be worn at school or any school events. And third, the students who decided to wear these shirts to school were given the chance to change and chose not to.

  • Joe Tenmoore

    Everyone always jumps to the defense of the students and claims the school is at fault. Kid failing, schools fault. Kid pregnant, schools fault. Kid wears inappropriate shirt that violates the rules of the school and receives punishment as laid out in the rules, schools fault.

    Fast Forward a few minutes, parents blame school, not themselves. The parents need to take responsibility for their kids, not expect everyone to bow to their child, as they obviously do. The perfect cartoon is the report card cartoon of parents upset with the child when they come home with a failing grade in the past. Today, the picture is of the parent upset at the teacher for the child failing.

    Parents need to step up and be supporting the rules that are in place. It drives me nuts when this always becomes a freedom of speech issue. The only reason those kids are wearing the shirts is because they are hilarious and wholly inappropriate. They can wear them when they shop at Walmart, like the rest of the customers there.

  • dsmith

    In the Famous words of Pink Floyd:
    "We don't need no thought control.
    No dark sarcasm in the classroom.
    Teacher leave the kids alone."

    It will be better when all the public schools are closed and all schooling will be online. Less teachers needed and just think of all the tax dollars saved from having schools buildings and upkeep, etc. And all administrator gods will be out of a job.

  • don fisher

    If the school approved them, then the school doesn't have a leg to stand on. I understand the innuendo, but the school administration should have caught it the first time. I think the school owes them an apology and to pay for new shirts. NOW if the school did not approve them at first then the kids don't have a leg to stand on. Then the kids just need to suck it up and move on.

  • Soonerguy78

    In other news, a new report has been released that reveals that this country is in fact a bunch of easily offended,wussy, cry babies, that needs to chill the **** out!

    • satch tola

      Soonerguy 78,
      Yep…be called a “wussy cry baby” if one complains when their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS are being violated. That is plain anti-American! If Union City High teachers are teaching U.S.Government correctly, this is a living lesson of how we must continue to protect and not take even the smallest threat of losing our constitutional rights rights as an American. Our forefathers fought for this and now political groups are trying to strip of this very right. We cannot let the political or religious groups dictate to us what we can or cannot read, how we think, have a different opinion, or just wanting to be a plain individual.

  • wade ford

    I think that they should be able to wear there shirts. Oh well if its inappropriate!!! Its the last day of school let them have fun. Union city schools suck. I know becauuse i graduated there. The admidastraion is not funny. There serious about everything. They don’t have any room for sarcasm. And they need to get oer that n let the kids have fun. Let kids be kids. I don’t think the kids should of gotten suspended!! I say file a law suit.

  • Jason

    Give me a break people. Yes it’s a sexual innuendo. None of us here are stupid enough to believe for a moment they didn’t know and plan that. School is a place to learn; that includes learning common sense, discipline, respect and responsibility. I know, I know, horrible words everyone hates to hear nowadays. Get over it. The school like has a dress code, if it doesn’t it should. If you pulled that in a legitimate work environment you would get canned too. I’m the first to step up for rights. This isn’t about rights. They agree to certain guidelines to go there. If this were just about rights then we could all argue that not doing assignments, incorrect answers etc are just exercises of free speech. Come on, step up… you know someone out there wants to be the first moron to make that argument. Yeah we fight to preserve our rights, but we also understand the difference between exercising our right to free speech and simply trying to be a dipshit. <– and right here I'll piss some of you off I'm sure. Oh well, that's my right isn't it?

  • hanes Tshirt

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  • Pam Lassila

    I think that having a class tshirt that represents your students is a very fun idea! My high school did that as well. We had lots of different students make designs and we voted on what ones were our favorites.

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