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West Michigan Veteran Creates Board Game to Help Families get Back to the Basics

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Harvest Time PartnersPORTAGE, Mich. (June 15, 2014) – On Father’s Day, we thank our loved ones and reflect on our families. But one West Michigan father and Army veteran thought beyond his family and created a board game to help others.

In our screen-filled world, David Esposito believes face-to-face communication is getting lost in translation. “We really need to continue to try to grow the critical life skill of effective face-to-face communication, articulating a point of view, regardless of the evolution of technology,” said Esposito.

So he and his wife wrote real-life scenarios into an old school format and created the board game called Abundant Harvest.

Esposito graduated from West Point and then joined the 101st Airborne Division as an infantry platoon leader. He spent time in Iraq during the first Gulf War. He says serving the Army taught him what strong character is.

“The importance of character has always been a part of my life,” shared Esposito.“The importance of my own character and now as a husband and a father, the importance of my family trying to impart that experience to them.”

To play the game, first roll the dice then earn points based on what scenario you land. Then players draw a card, read a real-life scenario, and answer based on what they would do while thinking about principles like honestly and courage.

Esposito says it teaches kids how to discuss and deal with real issues directly.

“Sometimes you pick a scenario in these games and wow, you’re in the mix of some difficult issue that you didn’t even really know was going on in your child,” said Esposito.

Abundant Harvest is made in Battle Creek by EPI Marketing Services and has both a teen and adult version. Yet beyond its logistics, Esposito feels it teaches people of all ages to communicate the old-fashioned way, a way he says will never go out of style.

“All of us need good healthy reminders and reinforcement of the effective way to make decisions, probably anchored in a principle like honesty and love and loyalty,” said Esposito.

Esposito and Harvest Time Partners are launching a series of children’s books this summer which also reinforce the idea of building a strong character from Abundant Harvest.

For more information, or to purchase the games, see the Harvest Time Partners website or find them on Amazon or local retail stores.

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