13-Year-Old Girl Searching for a Forever Home

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Ashley AdoptionGRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – 13-year-old Ashley is one of nearly 3,000 children available for adoption in the Michigan foster care system – just waiting for a forever home. She has already been through what no child should.

“Her mother did pass away when she was a very young age,”  adoption worker Caitlin Dombrowski says. “She has been in the system for a couple of years and she is separated from her siblings.”

Ashley desperately misses her three brothers and mom, living in the instability of placement homes and foster care.

“I don’t like moving around a lot, like moving around from place to place,” Ashley says.

She’s an artist and comedian and if Ashley could do one thing in life, she says she wants to go to Build-A-Bear.

“I’ve never been there but I’ve seen other things people make and I really want to go there,” she says.

Ashley says she’s not picky about her new family, but craves the love of a mother – something that was tragically taken from her far too soon.

She says she wants a family that shows love and appreciation.

But through it all, Ashley is growing into her own.  Now she just needs a family to help her the rest of the way.

“She’s been thorough a lot of trauma and loss and grief and she’s really maturing into a fine young woman,” Dombrowski says. “She`s a little spitfire. She’s a sweet caring young lady.”

Dombrowski says there’s a perfect family for every child out there; it’s just about finding them.

If you’d like to adopt Ashley or another child call 855-694-7301.


Update: After Ashley’s story aired we had several requests from viewers interested in donating for Ashley to go to Build-A-Bear.

Any donations can be sent to:

Dana Wright

Orchards Children’s Services

24901 Northwestern Hwy.

Suite 500

Southfield, MI 48075


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  • Amber Brown

    I want another child and wish i could adopt a child but im not married to do so :-( I wish i could open my home to a child that wants a warm loving home i have a 6 and 2 yr old and have nothing but love in my heart for children. If the law changed and i was able to adopt a child i would just to give them the love they want and need!!!!!!

    • Marhea

      I would look into it, if u haven't already, I know someone who is and has been single that adopted a child.. And I KNOW for fact you don't have to be married to foster a child, you just have to prove that you can support all the children.. It take approximately 6 weeks after a child is placed to get your first stipen, and may take longer, so u have to be financially able to provide. It's really not hard, and very rewarding..

  • tracyd112

    I wish all these people going to other countries to bring children back to the States WOULD WAKE UP AND REALIZE WE HAVE TO MANY CHILDREN HERE WAITING TO BE ADOPTED.The United States needs to put there foot down about adopting from outside the United States it is not fair to the children BORN HERE IT IS NOT THERE FAULT!

    • nick schuiling

      I called the number on the bottom. I want to take her to Build A Bear or donate the money so she can go. I hope they call back.

      • tracyd112

        For safety reasons I dont think they would let her go with anyone.The sad part is the place where she is at probably has no one to take her and they would say it was unfair to the others.I feel that just because a Person is Single and has a child already they should be allowed to offer a home to a child .There are millions of single Parents in todays society me for 1 I am a single Father raising my 11 year old daughter but they would not allow me to adopt. Good Luck and I hope this Girl and the rest find loving people to care and keep them safe and give them real Love.

  • Marcy

    Good for you Nick. It was late at night and I was thinking the same thing but knew it was too late to call tonight. I hope you are able to donate the money and she is able to go.

  • Shawn Bosma

    I’d like to help get her to Build A Bear. Is there a way to make this happen? Donation? Meet her there with an agency representative to make the purchase? My heart goes out to her and she deserves so much more.

  • jason lyons

    Wish I could were a lil strap for cash we r a loving family. I have a 6 and a 9 and we raise them in a great Christian back ground we show so much love to our kids

  • Brian

    Me and my wife have been looking into adoption but it is hard because it cost thousands and thousands of dollars to adopt that is why these poor kids are waiting forever for a family it is not like any one wants to adopt it is the point our system is greedy and try make money off these kids shame on them. Make it affordable to adopt and these kids would get families.

    • Marhea

      If u TRUELY want to adopt, look into foster care to adopt. My husband and I are foster parents, and this is the route we took, since we want to adopt, and it costs no money in some cases, but I believe the average is 500$, and you know the child before the adoption so u would know if the child is a good fit for your family..

  • Shannon

    There are ways to help grant wishes for kids in foster care. Contact your local DHS and ask how you can donate to foster kids. Also, who says single parents can’t foster/adopt? I know several single parents who have adopted. Single, gay, married, living with a partner, etc. doesn’t matter. It seems there needs to be more education on what it takes to become a foster/adoptive parent! Maybe someone should do a news piece on that!!

  • Deb

    I would love to adopt her. I am a mid-age single woman with no children of my own. I have a good stable job with benefits, a nice large home, two cats, large yard, etc. I also have lost both my parents so I have a particular empathy for what she is going through. Its sad that the state places so many regulations on adoptions that it becomes so difficult to find forever homes…