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Documents reveal details in Shannon Siders’ murder

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Shannon Siders5


Siders probable cause document

NEWAYGO, Mich. (June 25, 2014) – Nearly 25 years after the murder of a Newaygo teen, FOX 17 is learning what police believe happened the night of her death.

On Tuesday, two brothers – Matt and Paul Jones – were arrested and charged with first-degree murder for the death of Shannon Siders in 1989.

FOX 17 obtained the probable cause affidavit, which details the evidence against the Jones brothers.

“These two guys have been on the short list of suspects since Day 1,” Bob Siders, Shannon’s father, says. “I’ve heard different stories of them being together that night. Supposedly they dropped her off at a certain time.”

The document reveals the cause of death as “blunt force trauma to the head.”

Further into the document, two witnesses describe to police their encounter with Paul and Matt Jones the night Shannon disappeared.

“As they approached, they could see a female laying on the ground and Paul Jones standing over Siders,” the documents read. “A witness observed Paul Jones then grab Shannon and drag her back to the vehicle.  Two witnesses describe Shannon as limp and blood on her face.”

There was also a report of a nearby witness hearing screams. For the first time, Shannon’s family may have answers on how she died.

The documents read, “(The Jones brothers) were overheard talking to another individual and indicating they hit her with a mirror and began to beat and rape her.”

Bob said if found guilty, he believes the brothers should be executed.

The documents tell us more about what the brothers and what they’ve been doing the past 25 years.

“Investigators learned that there are unreported sexual assault incidents in 1989 with Matt,” they read.

More disturbing incidents arose during a home invasion that Paul spent time in prison for.

“He had what I’ll describe as a rape kit with him in 2006,” the documents say, “which included duct tape, condoms and Vaseline and a stun gun.”

The Jones brothers are being held without bail in Newaygo County. They’ll be back in court on Friday.

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  • dogsnot

    i want the witnesses charged too! they could of ended this 25 years ago. can't wait to find out who these scummy vermin are…….

  • mike

    most of this has been around since the beginning but i don't think it was all put together until the cold case was opened. Anyone one who knew them two knew they were scum

    • Dylan

      Thats definitely not the truth because I knew both of them well and didnt have any slight feeling that they were scum. Everybody needs to get there facts straight instead of pretending they know something. When if anyone knew anything they shouldn’t have withheld information for 25 years. This is police trying to look smart. When all the witnesses are in prison for things like attempted murder. Newaygo County cops are a bunch of idiots and dont want to be called out on it. They have not one shred of evidence against them. its all hear say bs.

  • jayne

    I do not understand how you see a girl on the ground, blood on her, and dont tell anyone? I just dont get it! I understand being afraid at the time, but,once you left call the police. I also do not understand how you hear a girl screaming and you dont get help. I just dont get it. Hopefully, these people never need a stranger to help them.. Being a parent myself it breaks my heart knowing this kid cried for help, people heard,people saw but,yet did NOTHING!!!!!! Iam glad they finally came forward as witnesses, so that shannon”s father can finally have some peace

  • Summer

    They beat and raped her .. possibly raping her after she was dead … you’d think they were black with those details. … It’s what they do.

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