The Moments After Allegan County Murder of Young Mother

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ALLEGAN COUNTY, Mich., (June 26, 2014) The 15-year-old suspect in Wednesday’s homicide in Wayland Twp. was charged Thursday with open murder and assault with intent to murder.

15-year-old Josh Keyzer was charged as an adult Thursday afternoon.

During a probable cause hearing Thursday in court, a Michigan State Police trooper testified a 911 call came in from Sharon Keyzer that her 15-year-old grandson had stabbed her.

According to the trooper, when police arrived on scene they saw the suspect on the roof of the house covered in blood holding a knife and refusing to come down.

The trooper says the suspect lost his footing and fell from the roof, got back up and began running from police with the knife in his hand. The trooper says the suspect was tased and taken into custody.

According to the trooper’s testimony, police then entered the house where they found Sharon Keyzer with a towel around her neck and 21-year-old Kassandra Keyzer in the basement dead with a stab wound to the throat or neck area.

Wayland homicide

Sharon Keyzer (left) and Kassandra Keyzer

The trooper goes on to say the suspect was transported to the hospital where he was interviewed by detectives and admitted to killing his cousin and attempting to kill his grandma.

Joshua Keyzer has no previous record in juvenile court.

Michigan State Police say they are still working to find out more answers. “Doors are wide open when you have a crime of this nature, its going to take some time to really figure out what may have led to this, contributing to this occurring. We don’t have those answers yet,” said F/Lt. Patrick Boyd.





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  • Overtaxedpayer

    See…that taser shot is going to cost us taxpayers a ton of money.
    The police should have delivered a taxpayer relief shot instead.

    We know from experience this little Hitler will be back on the streets in a few years and the whole process will repeat itself.