Death Reported at Electric Forest Music Festival

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Brian Brockette

ROTHBURY, Mich. – An investigation is underway after one person died during the Electric Forest Music Festival, an event which draws tens of thousands of people each summer.

The person who died was a 20-year-old volunteer from Caledonia.

The Oceana County Sheriff’s Department told FOX 17 News Monday morning there were 20 arrests related to the festival.  Fourteen of the arrests were made on site.

The following is a news release sent by Michigan State Police:

The Michigan State Police Hart Post and the Oceana County Medical Examiner’s Office are waiting for the results of an autopsy conducted on Brian Alan Brockette , a 20 year old, Caledonia, Michigan, man.  The victim suffered a medical emergency on Sunday, June 29, 2014, at approximately 11:15pm, and subsequently passed away.  The victim was a volunteer for an outside vendor at the Electric Forest Festival.  The incident remains under investigation by the Michigan State Police.

The Oceana County Medical Examiners Office will complete their investigation after receiving the final autopsy report.  Questions about the medical response are to be directed to the Electric Forest Festival promoters, who contracted for medical services.  The final autopsy report will be sent to the Oceana County Medical Examiner’s Office, and questions concerning those results should be directed to their office.  No further information is available at this time.

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  • TheFoundingFathers

    Like anyone is actually surprised? Happens every year, and will continue to happen until they shut this bullshit DOPE FESTIVAL DOWN!

    • merl

      Preliminary eyewitness reports someone got their throat slit and died from their injuries. I don't know what that has to do with drugs, but let's wait until all the facts come out.

    • Chris Gates

      MrFoundingFather, Blaming the festival for the mistakes of 1 out of 41,999 is too easy. It's an immature cop-out. It's called education. It doesn't come off the side of a sign at the festival, or a PSA. It comes from our teachers, friends, and more importantly, our parents. It is the job of every parent and friend to warn their children/comrades of all the dangers of this world, and imploring them to follow common sense, like not taking drugs you're not familiar with in large quantities and hydrating properly so that one day when they get older, they can choose for themselves. Experimentation is normal within the human species, if we didn't experiment and live dangerously every now and then we wouldn't have amazing things like penicillin, microwave ovens, slinkies, or fireworks. 99 times out of 100, things go ok when safety procautions are taken, but accidents happen. You don't shut down a road because of a deadly car wreck that thousands drive safely on every day. A majority of the guests attend the festival sober and have a great time, myself included. Some will experiment with drugs(and the festival does everything in their power to prevent people from bringing them in). Please take a less aggressive stance on matters you're not familiar with, or go campaign MDOT about closing their highways, because many more died on 131 that weekend due to numerous distractions and intoxications than did at the festival, which yielded way more fun, revenue for the city, and made lasting memories for 10's of thousands of people.

      • TheFoundingFathers

        Hey how many people died at the last tiger's game, or the last super bowl, how many died at the last world series, how many died at the NASCAR race??? And as for your blatant LIE about "most are sober" you are a special kind of stupid aren't you. Go sell your bullshit somewhere else because everyone in Michigan knows exactly what goes on at your little free love and dope fest! P.S. how do you explain all or the other deaths and overdoses at the festival since it started?

      • Spencer

        I totally get what you're saying and respect your decision to attend the festival but if you truly did go sober this year (and I did as well) then surely you noticed that 90% of the people there were on some kind of drug for most of the time. Its not about the music, really – as sad as that is. They're all there for the drugs. And theres an abundance of them there. They could do much better at preventing them from getting in. They *HARDLY* search cars, they *BARELY* pat you down at the gates. I understand there are thousands of people but to deny the fact that this festival isn't about the drugs is simply naive.

  • Jinthar

    They sold out tickets…that means that there was 42,000 people there. As far as a person dieing, Welcome to Oceana County in the Summer…if the dunes don't get you then the festival will. I saw a picture on FB of a guy standing in the middle of the freeway staring at the sun and smiling while cars had to dodge him. It brings revenue in for Oceana but at what cost? The drugs, the festivities and the lives of people. Not worth it if they truly want to keep people alive.

  • Crew

    FoundingFathers…this story has nothing to do with your soapbox or your agenda or your flawless moral compass. A young fellow passed away. Quit trolling the story with your nonsense.

  • Breanna Koster

    All of your comments are so unnecessary no matter what the outcome of the autopsy a young guy has died and you should all be giving good thoughts to his family and friends not negative comments about how it is the festivals fault it sickens me to see so many negative people out there that blaim festivals and guns for killing people. I only knew Brian for a little while but he was always so happy and positive to everyone. Regardless of what happen there should never be negative posts on an article about a young guy losing his life. Rip Brian

  • Meghan

    How about keeping your rude comments off of here, so that his friends and family are not hurt by them.
    Regardless of if it happens every year, many people are hurting because of this tragedy. Let's have the littlest bit of respect for the grieving process.

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