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Homeowners’ Problem Solved After FOX 17 Confronts Realtor

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


HUDSONVILLE, Mich. (July 2, 2014) — Moving boxes fill Randy DeBoise and Gayle Lindsay’s Hudsonville home. They’re moving to Florida and say they’ve been trying to sell their waterfront property for 9 months.


So last September, they hired Howie Boeve, a Realtor.

Gayle signed a 12-month contract with him to have the home listed on the multiple listing service (MLS).

“We stopped trusting him after a short period of time,” DeBoise said.

Boeve is based in Jenison and works for Century 21 Affiliated. The couple said Boeve was difficult to work with, scheduled
showings at odd times, and showed a lack of effort.

They said he misrepresented offers and showed a lack of concern for their best interest. The couple also said Boeve tried to lower their sale price significantly below market value.

“Instead of offer, our turn, counter offer, your turn, counter offer. No. Instead, it was ‘you go ahead and counter offer them again,’ at a price that we didn’t agree on,” DeBoise explained.

The couple requested Boeve terminate the contract. Their lawyer alleged numerous ethical violations against Boeve, like agreeing to break the contract in exchange for a $2,500 marketing fee.

“According to the Realtor code of ethics, accountability, truth in accountability is one of those ethics. He refused to show us where we spent… where he spent $2500 with marketing this house,” DeBoise explained.

They also said Boeve added an extra $695  on top of the 6% commission. They don’t know why.

But they were stuck and unable to cancel the contract because Boeve wouldn`t remove their house from the MLS.
Fed up, Randy and Gayle decided to email the FOX 17 Problem Solvers.

FOX 17 called and left a message on Boeve’s cell phone and left multiple messages with his office.
We were told Boeve was out, and we didn`t get a call back.  So FOX 17 went to his office.

We waited for several minutes before Boeve finally came out with a piece of paper in his hand.
He headed past the FOX 17 crew, out the building, and to his car. The verbal exchange went as follows:

Cunningham: Hi Mr. Boeve. Darren Cunningham, FOX 17.
Boeve: I don’t know who you’re talking to.
Cunningham: Uh, you’re Mr. Boeve right? Howie Boeve?
Boeve: No.
Cunningham: I’m just here to talk to you about Gayle Lindsay, Randy DeBoise.
Boeve: I don’t know who they are.
Cunningham: You don’t know who they are?
Boeve: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Cunningham: You’re not their Realtor?
Boeve: I fired them a week ago.
Cunningham: You fired them a week ago? Can you show me some documentation of that?
Boeve: I’m going over there right now.

Boeve closed his SUV door.

Cunningham: So you’re saying you fired them a week ago, but you just said you don’t know who they are or what I’m talking about.

After that exchange, FOX 17 got a call from Randy DeBoise and Gayle Lindsay. They said Boeve was at their home with an agreement to terminate the contract, but only if we didn’t run a story.

DeBoise indicated Boeve was present during the phone call and stood quietly in the background.

DeBoise said, “The one thing Howie’s asked us to do is call you and tell you that we would like to withdraw our conversation.”

FOX 17 said directly to Boeve, “Mr. Boeve, do you know this is extortion? This is pretty much extortion and blackmail. That’s what it sounds like for this family. [silence] Do you have anything to say to that?”

Deboise replied, “[Boeve] is just shaking his head ‘no,’ that he doesn’t.”

It’s a good thing the couple contacted the FOX 17 Problem Solvers. Just hours after we tracked down Howie Boeve, the 9 month ordeal was over.  The contract was finally canceled.

FOX 17 spoke with DeBoise on camera again. He said, “Amazingly… about a half hour later, the Realtor was at our doorstep with a contract to terminate the agreement.”

“It’s literally like coming out of a tunnel,” he described.

The Hudsonville couple said this is a learning experience for them and for others to beware. They said they’ve learned a 12-month contract with a Realtor isn’t necessarily the norm. In hindsight, they would have opted for a 3 or 6 month contract to avoid situations like this one.

After an email correspondence with the couple and FOX 17, Boeve sent FOX 17 an email late in the afternoon stating the following:

“Randy and Gayle’s email says it all. We are now all moving on our separate paths and wish them the best in getting the conclusion they seek. I want to thank your station for moving this long festering matter to a satisfactory conclusion. Keep up the good work.”    – Howie Boeve

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  • truth

    Just think what a lovely world this would be if greedy irritating individuals like this Boobie Bovine did not exist!
    Greedy manipulative scums like that suck! The world would be better off without them!
    Happy the homeowners are rid of him!

  • Steve Bsrkel

    Wow! I’m a licensed Realtor. I always hope and pray not to run into people like this poor Realtor did. The fact that they had to do things that were inconvenient to them is unfortunate but that’s life. Shame on Fox 17 for this lame story, puts a bad light on Realtors.

    • Guest

      This is the 1st person that Howie Boeve tried to screw over! I am the 1st person to say that there are a LOT of great Realtors out there but Howie IS NOT one of them!!

    • Jon

      We dealt with him too – totally was badmouthing his partner who we were working with (they were jointly working together on our house & supposed to be friends) and was very immature sending us non stop emails about random things to us when we fired him. Very unprofessional, and would send people to our house to look at without giving us a heads up (happened a few times). We put our trust in him, but thankful we realized before it was too late who we were dealing with. I'm sorry you think it was the clients, but from experience – this guy is a very greedy, arrogant man.

  • Seth

    Why would they ever pick on a Realtor like that. If someone is stupid enough to accept a 1 year contract to sell a house and expects the realtor to just throw all his work down the drain because there not 100% satisfied with his work its their own fault! Come on now people! Fox do you really have nothing else to cover that could actueally help people?

  • Jim

    Homes are selling so fast for top dollar right now.This just tells me that they were unrealistic on pricing their dog house.

  • Goes Both Ways

    Sounds to me like these people had reasons to be unsatisfied, but at the same time why do you sit and complain about the length of a contract that you agreed too. Obviously the price they are expecting was off as the realtor was talking about countering the offers to numbers they didn't agree on. Shame on these people for not getting accurate people, and calling out the realtor when they are at as much fault as he is. Selling a house is teamwork, he may have left them unsatisfied but he was more than likely unsatisfied and troubled with the unwillingness to negotiate.

  • Give me a break

    Exhortation? Really?! It’s extortion! How bout report on both sides and CHECK YOUR GRAMMAR! Where do they get these people?! Maybe their house hasn’t sold for a reason? They should have listened to him!

  • Very biases story

    I think there are 2 sides to every story and maybe the reason why the sellers house wasn't selling is because it was overpriced like their agent was telling them. I think your story was very biased and you did a poor job of presenting the facts. Also, the sellers agreed to the contract terms so this is as much their fault as the Realtors.

  • Tom

    Just a thought I wonder what the last realtor they fired thinks of this ? Fox 17 didn't go ask that one , yes the last one wow you would think they would have said , yes these people like to sign contracts and then end them maybe the client might be the problem

  • Kurt barber

    Oh he wanted to show your house at odd times of the day you say. Well not everyone is on your schedule. If you want to sell your house that’s what you deal with you fools!

    • Lisa

      We dealt with him & one time people showed up without even a heads up. We were eating dinner as a realtor and clients stood outside. He forgot to call us – yes, you deal with showing your house at odd times, but he was very unprofessional in everything he did! When we fired him, he sent immature responses, so yes I can totally understand the frustrations these people dealt with.

  • Susan

    We can relate with this couple. We to used Howie as a realtor and he pulled the same kind of crap on us. He is NOT and man of his word and will screw anyone over just to make a buck.!!! Very sad…

  • Interview

    Need we say more? The interview with Howie pretty much sums up what type of person he is. Full of lies and blackmail.

  • Guest

    We too had issues with Howie and my husband swears he will never buy a house from him again! (He was the realtor for both us and the seller)

    I'm sorry.. but if he lies on camera like that saying he doesn't know who these people are… and then a minute later says he's going to his house… what other stuff does he lie about?

    • Guest

      We dealt with him too and completely agree with you on this one. Hello – he lied on camera – he was very arrogant to us & would not trust him in any business situation again!

  • Guest

    We have worked with him and totally agree with the clients on this one. We had to fire him too, thankfully he let us out, but not without snotty emails and immature responses. Shocked at how he treated us, and not too surprised he did it to someone else too. Very arrogant, and giving false info within 2 minutes on air – a real winner he is!

  • real estate pro

    Having been involved in real estate professionally for a long time, I know Howie is what he is. A lot of people have a "Howie story". He has burned many bridges. There ARE good people doing real estate and lending. Not ALL of us are liars and greedy and immature. Often people want to believe the BS that some realtors give them at the listing presentation. The trouble with that is you often will end up with a realtor or lender , or financial advisor who is a pathological liar. Someone who can look you in the eye and lie and make you feel good about it. Then, you are stuck with them because you signed a contract.
    Want to hear the truth? The truth is that there is no 'special' marketing program or special sauce to getting your house sold. You need an ethical realtor, price your house right, and improve it so it shows well, and get it on the MLS . The Howies and the Marshall Redders of the world charm you into thinking they have something special. It gets worse when it comes to your stock broker, or financial advisor on commission. Don't fall for the BS salesmanship people, use someone that you can trust.

  • Guest

    We used Howie and guess what . . everything went fine. I asked questions, listened to advice, and I chose the asking price. If there was a showing that didn't work with our schedule, I told them to pick a different date. The homeowner is in control of the entire process. Realtors just do paperwork and make sure everything is organized.

  • Doug Baird

    I don’t think people have a clue regarding what agents do and how much we do for free. If a seller wants out of a listing contract they should have to pay to do so. We do not work for free. The listing contract clearly states the following. BROKER’S REMEDIES IN THE EVENT OF SELLER’S BREACH. In the event Seller breaches this Agreement, except to the extent Broker receives a brokerage fee in accordance with this Agreement before the Expiration Date, Seller agrees to reimburse Broker for any and all expenses paid or incurred in connection with the Property, including, but not limited to, advertising costs, title search fees, attorney fees, surveys authorized by Seller, or any other expenses paid or incurred by Broker regarding the Property during the term of this Agreement. The foregoing shall neither limit nor constitute a waiver of any right or remedy of Broker under this Agreement or applicable law and shall be in addition to any claims or damages to which Broker may be entitled hereunder or thereunder, including, but not limited to, a claim for a brokerage fee under this Agreement. In event Seller becomes obligated to reimburse Broker hereunder, Broker will provide a list of all such expenses to Seller within five (5) days after the Seller provides written notification of termination. Seller shall pay all such expenses to Broker no later than ten (10) days after
    Seller’s receipt of Broker’s itemized list of expenses. THE SELLER AGREED TO THIS!
    People list their property for sale and expect miracles. The only reason a home does not sell is because of the price. If any normal person goes to work, they expect to get paid. Why shouldn’t a realtor?

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