A Homemade Sign To Stop Speeders

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (July 3, 2014) – A Grand Rapids homeowner fed up with people driving too fast down his street is now taking action.

Ron Ward’s homemade sign is put up in front of his home on Richmond Street NW near Alpine Avenue NW.

For years, Ward said the stretch of road in front of his home has been missing something.  So he took it upon himself to post a reminder for passing drivers.  The sign has been a big hit with neighbors but it’s getting mixed reviews from others just passing by.

“A lot of people will beep the horn and wave and people will give you the bird,” said Ward.

If you ever wondered how fast you should be driving on Richmond Street, Ward will tell you.

“The speed limit is 25,” he said.  “25 not 55.”

The problem in his eyes, stems from a lack of information.

“What prompted you to actually make a sign and stick it in your front yard?” I asked.

“I was just tired of trying to get out of my driveway,” He said.

Ward is not alone in thinking the speeders on the street are a problem.

Chet Crisher has lived his entire life in the neighborhood and supports Ward’s effort.

“I applaud it 100 percent. This might be a little subtle,” Crisher said sarcastically.  “I think flashing red lights and flags might be better.”

The two neighbors said they constantly see kids and families on the street and it was giving neighbors anxiety thinking they might get hit by a speeding car.

“There are a lot of kids around here in the summer time with pool down here,” Crisher said.  “Yeah, I worry about it a little bit.”

The problems were first noticed when the officials speed limit sign was removed.

“Five or six years ago they repaved the road,” said Ward.  “They used to have a 25 mile-an-hour speed limit sign right there in my buddy’s front yard but they took it down and never put it back up.”

We drove the stretch of road ourselves, if you head west on Richmond the only sign you see with any speed limit is Ward’s homemade sign.  A mile from his home there is a sign indicating the speed limit changes to 30-miles-an-hour.  If you head east however, you do see a 25-miles-an-hour sign a mile from his house.

He also said the neighborhood has grown a lot in recent years.

Ward said he called the city to complain one time but felt his sign would be an effective way to get his point across.  We will be reaching out to the city to see if they are planning to find a permanent solution.

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  • Blessed

    Good on him! He is doing something about it! Most “talk” about doing something, or say
    “someone should do something”
    But usually that “someone” never comes forth.
    Good to see action behind the words, A movement usually starts with one person or one idea- If I were his neighbor, I would do anything I could to support him and help him-
    Especially since his concerns are not only for himself, But for his neighbors as well.
    To the rude “people” who give this man the finger- You should all be ashamed and go buy yourselves a manners manual/etiquette book- You certainly would not be flipping the finger if it were you or your child in danger! The speed limits are designed that way for everyone, Not just some people who think the rules don’t apply to them!
    Again, I applaud this mans effort- It is people like him who really make a positive difference! God Bless you!

  • jay

    Good for him…though I do think I see a sign right at 1:27 right as he’s saying the only sign you’ll see is his. It’s right there on the right side on a light pole…lol check for yourself