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Dozens Shot In Chicago Over Holiday Weekend

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Chicago Lakefront

Chicago Lakefront(CNN) — Dozens of people were shot across Chicago over the Fourth of July holiday weekend — some by police officers — CNN affiliates WGN, WLS and WBBM reported.

The stations reported at least 11 were killed and at least 50 others were injured in Chicago shootings since Thursday.

In 2013, 12 people died and 75 were injured during the four-day Independence Day holiday, WLS reported.

Chicago police told CNN that officers shot five suspects from Friday to Saturday, killing two of them. They did not release details about the other reported shootings.

Police spokesman Martin Maloney told WBBM that the city will continue a summer program to flood high-violence areas with police, according to WGN.

“We saw an unacceptable level of gun violence this weekend, and there is clearly much more work to be done,” the station quoted him as saying.

He said the city was facing an “uphill battle” and needed better state and federal laws to keep guns off the streets.

The holiday shootings follow a week in which Chicago had 52 shooting incidents, according to police department statistics. This year, as of June 29, Chicago police had recorded 880 shooting incidents, an average of nearly five a day.

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  • rob

    Yeah. ..we need MORE laws to keep guns off the streets. …because crooks, thugs and crack-head niggers obtain ALL of their weapons legally & obey ALL laws. What an idiotic idea ( comment )

  • Sam

    Of course they don't bother to mention none of the guns used are legally owned by licensed people.

    And what's their answer….take OUR guns away…

    This will just be used as an excuse to trample OUR civil rights

  • jerry

    obama should go back to his town and look around what a worthless batch of nigs are out there. thugs with dope and sucking off the tax payers give them all guns and let them do away with all of them in 1 nite. anyone still walking in the morning let the cops take them out . then drop the a bomb on the whole city andf all the trouble is over

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