GVSU makes top 10 in Forbes list of America’s Top Colleges

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
gvsu top college

ALLENDALE, Mich. — Grand Valley State University is among the top ten colleges/universities to make the annual list of America’s Top Colleges by Forbes.

“Every year FORBES ranks America’s Top Colleges based on graduation rate, student satisfaction, post-graduate success and student debt,” reads an updated post on the Forbes website.  “We are asking students and alumni across the country to tell us all about what makes their college special in our #MyTopCollege social media campaign.”

As of July 14, GVSU was ranked ninth.  Click the above links to voice your school spirit.

gvsu my top college

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  • Bill

    GVSU is not ranked int he top 10 of Forbes's prestigious America's Top College rankings. They simply are ranked in a twitter competition using a hash tag. You should change the headline and explain this in the article. Grand Valley is ranked 566 in the actual Forbes ranking.

      • Bill

        You should capitalize proper nouns; the correct spelling of the term would be “Sagnasty”. Do you even want to get started on the irony of your post and using “sagnasty”. Before you start thinking you’ve hit a jackpot, you should read below where I am highly critical of SVSU and their graduation rate.

    • Abram

      I agree with you, Bill. They should also change the first sentence of the article. I’m sure GVSU is a fine school, but it’s not ranked top ten colleges in America by Forbes. This is just lazy journalism.

    • byasociopath

      Why do you care so much? Does it make you feel better to put people down? This is clearly not a huge issue. Just because the title is misleading doesn’t mean that if you read the article, you will still think GVSU is ranked top 10 in the nation statistically. The article is a few sentences long, so it’s really not that difficult. Now please stop insulting my school, and the people who choose to support it.

  • Patrick

    Bill is right.

    There's a big difference between student submitted votes which only require a hashtag on twitter and an actual ranking of colleges based on factual criteria. GVSU is sitting pretty at 9th place in the country with only 65 votes. In total all of the top 10 colleges combine for less than 1,000 votes.

    • Bill

      This is a problem. The article is simply wrong. Forbes does an annual ranking every year of America’s Top Colleges (hence the name) where GVSU falls in at number 566. The headline states that GVSU fell in the top 10 of America’s Top Colleges. It didn’t. It fell in the top 10 of a separate ranking that is counting #MyTopSchool on twitter.

      • hazel

        The problem is that Fox 17 is too bias for it to admit they were wrong. Their audience is for West Michigan (where GVSU is located) so of course everything has to shine and sparkle as much as they can.
        I currently go to GVSU and yes I love everything about the school, but this is terrible journalism because they refused to title the article accurately.
        “Grand Valley Places in the Top 10 of Forbes Twitter Contest”

  • John

    There is no way that GVSU is ranked in the top 10 of colleges across the nation, its not that good of a school. Obviously the only way it can make a name for itself is showing just how glued its students are to social media such as twitter as opposed to actually caring about school work. Nice try.

    • Meg

      Please don’t try and tell me that students at GV don’t care about school work because 65 (out of 20,000)students took three seconds out of their summer vacation to put something in a hashtag. College students at EVERY university use social media and, oddly, some of us still manage to make something of ourselves. Grand Valley is just a little over 50 years old– of course they’re not going to have the clout of much more established universities. But it’s a fantastic school for what it is, and I’m proud to be a student.

  • Kaitlyn

    As a Grand Valley student, I’m disappointed with the bashing I’m seeing. Regardless if this post is based on social media and hash tags, GVSU is still a fantastic school that is full of spirit from both the student and faculty aspect. The students aren’t glued to social media any more than any other college or university, rather, their spirit and love for their school has been promoted amongst peers in order to be ranked among Forbes is something to be admired rather than bashed. I’m part of a wonderful and caring community and I’m happy to be a #LakerForALifetime.

    • Leslie

      I do not know why people are wasting their time bashing Grand Valley….yes, the title is misleading. We get it. It is just a fun thing for people to do to show their school spirit. And since I am one, I know for a fact that Grand Valley students do not spend more time on social media than studying. That is just a ridiculous accusation. It takes about 10 seconds (if that) to tweet. Could be done on a study break, for all anyone knows. Grand Valley is also not a party school, most people study instead. so just saying that because people take 10 seconds out of their day to send a tweet doesn’t mean that they are not hard working students- they are just trying to show their support for a fantastic school.

    • Nolan Hughes

      People aren’t bashing GVSU. I got accepted to GVSU back in 2009 but I did select MSU over GVSU. GVSU had a phenomenal campus and was a great place. People (even me) are bashing the title and description of the article. I see people posting this on Facebook yet it is far from accurate. It just simply means that they had the 9th most students who follow Forbes on Twitter and took the 10 seconds to post this on Twitter.

  • jannen

    I wonder if the liberal teachers implanted the headline for this article In Steve Vanbergen’s mind…… It’s like saying I’m rich, only when I’m playing monopoly*

  • Monica

    I can’t help but laugh when people dabble in subjects they have not even a modicum of knowledge about. Grand Valley is a great school and very affordable I might add. Students who graduate with success will obtain just as good of jobs, and will have considerably less debt than those at “better” universities. Please, save your snide comments until you can actually grok what GVSU is all about. GO LAKERS!!!

    • Alex Fyolek

      GV is a decent school. And yes, it’s true that students who graduate with success at GV will obtain good jobs, please don’t act so arrogant to the rest of the commenters that are being critical. They’re not critical of Grand Valley the institution, they’re critical of this article that is stating that GV is the 9th best school in the nation. It’s not. It’s somewhere in the 500’s, per Forbes’ real ranking.

  • Bill

    I don’t think anyone is bashing GVSU, so I don’t know why people are saying there is a lot of bashing in these posts. Posters are simply using their reading comprehension skills to see that GVSU is not ranked in the Forbes top 10 list of America’s Top Colleges but rather a separate social media list of the amount of people associating GVSU with #MyTopCollege on twitter. These are two different things. GVSU is a decent school that is ranked 566 overall on the Forbes’s America Top Colleges. This is not bashing, but a fact.

    • Meg

      I don’t care about people stating the facts– Even if it is #1 to its students, Forbes doesn’t agree (and, by the metrics they use, they’re correct) . What I object to is the comment alleging that the only way Grand Valley “can make a name for itself is showing just how glued its students are to social media such as twitter as opposed to actually caring about school work.” That’s a false generalization about 20,000 individuals. I’m one of those individuals, and I can assure you that it’s absolutely not true in 8/10 cases. There’s two thousand people in the Honor’s College alone that worked their butts off to get there, and have to work even harder to stay there. I’m not going to sit around while somebody tells me that all that work isn’t worth it because the only thing my school is good for is doing well in a social media based contest.

  • B.She

    This is really bad reporting. The list hasn’t been released yet. All this poll shows is that GVSU has school spirit. Read the original Forbes post. What a disappointing mistake.

  • Jacob

    Grand Valley State University is NOT among the top ten colleges/universities that made the annual list of America’s Top Colleges by Forbes. It is among the top ten colleges/universities that made the #mytopcollege social media-campaign results. The annual list of America’s Top Colleges will be released July 30.

  • Adam

    My philosophy is, if you never went there or visited there, don’t try and bash it. As a GVSU student, to see random people bashing it just because of their opinion, is just sad. If you think GVSU is bad, please, present a fact to why it is bad. If you can’t do that, then stop talking. Like c’mon, if GVSU is getting this much publicity and love from people, it must be pretty darn good. Just sayin ⚓️ #lakers #thebest

  • Ally

    Saying that GVSU is not in the top ten is not bashing it, it is clarifying a misleading title.

    Additionally it seems that the other poll in which it us in the top 10 isn’t even finished yet.

  • Emma

    Just to try and clear the air, Forbes will not release official rankings until July 30th, but until then any school has a shot at being ranked #1 in the nation for this year’s America’s Top College. Yes, the social media campaign is about school spirit, however for this year alone, Forbes list of America’s top colleges will be based off this same campaign. Therefor GVSU has a good shot at being on the top 10 list for the 2014 year.

    • Bill

      No, GVSU does not have a chance at making the Top 10 as the entire ranking system is not derived off of this social media campaign. While it is entirely possible that all schools have a shot at the Top 10 each year, it’s simply not going to happen based of students and friends of the college tweeting it, Forbes rankings are much more prestigious than allowing a major variable be a social media marketing campaign. For those counting on SVSU, it would be the same. A school with an 8% four year graduation rate (you can check out their National Center for Education Statistics file on http://nces.ed.gov/collegenavigator/?q=saginaw+valley+state&s=all&id=172051#retgrad) would never be in the nation’s Top Ten schools even if everyone in the country tweeted @svsu #MyTopCollege. Is GVSU a fine school? Sure, it’s a fine school and I’m sure their students love the school and many great graduates will be very successful in life. But to simply state that GVSU has a shot at the Top Ten, or even that the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor has a shot at it, is not realistic.

  • Justin

    Most of these comments are disappointing. The article is not lazy or irresponsible. Anyone can click on the links and see what the ranking is based on. I hate that people get on here and try to set the record straight, particularly when it’s in a negative context. Go get a job in the media if you care that much about speaking your mind about how the media is wrong.

  • hazel

    The problem is that Fox 17 is too bias for it to admit they were wrong. Their audience is for West Michigan (where GVSU is located) so of course everything has to shine and sparkle as much as they can.
    I currently go to GVSU and yes I love everything about the school, but this is terrible journalism because they refused to title the article accurately.
    “Grand Valley Places in the Top 10 of Forbes Twitter Contest”

  • Al

    You forgot to mention they’re below Ouachita Baptist University, California St. university (both Fullerton and Chico locations) and Wittenburg University. Sounds like this a pretty prestigious ranking. Good job!

  • Nolan Hughes

    So they’re basing their ranking solely on the amount of people who use the hashtag “#MyTopCollege”???
    So you could have tweeted out a dog pooping on a yard with a GVSU flag in the back and put the “#MyTopCollege” in the tweet and it would have registered. This “study” has absolutely no meaning whatsoever to whether a school is a top college or not. The only thing it shows is that they have 65 students or alumni who are following Forbes on Twitter and felt the need to send out a tweet. GREAT JOURNALISM!!!!!

  • Eric

    As a Michigander and student at the University of Michigan, this post makes me laugh, feel sad, and disappointed all at once. GVSU is not a bad school… they’re just not at a Top 10 level… or even Top 100. I’m not saying that the people are dumb (many of my friends who go there are pretty smart), I’m suggesting those who believe GVSU to be a “top” school to truly reevaluate university education rankings. Also, check your sources (more pointed towards to author of this terribly misleading article). The competition is based off Twitter hashtags which don’t really mean anything.

  • steve

    It looks like a company can get a favorable forbes rating with a payment because that school is junk. There is nothing to do there, 300 level professors used 100 level books, and each year was a repeat of the last. I just know the dutch reform culture likes to keep it white and clean. Its a little different in west michigan.